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I’ve built this site as a way to make hunting and the outdoors more than just a weekend hobby. My hopes are that the affiliate-linked products that I recommend will provide a great enough value for readers that they will make their hunting-related purchases through those links, allowing me to earn a living from this site. Earning a living from this site would allow me to spend more time afield, testing products and creating helpful content for those interested in bowhunting in the Southeast. However, even if I don’t earn a penny, but help someone along the way in their bowhunting journey, that will be plenty enough for me. We’re all in this together and I’m happy to offer whatever I can to anyone in need.

If you have any questions, or have a topic or piece of gear that you believe would be helpful for other bowhunters, please contact me here.


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Call it what you like. I call it a lifestyle. That’s exactly what bowhunting is for me. Ever since the day I walked out of that archery shop with my first bow, I’ve been consumed with becoming the best bowhunter that I can be. Or at least better than I was yesterday. It’s a process for sure, but one that I’ve come to love. The hardships, the failures, the close encounters. They all just add to the experience and keep the drive alive. Bowhunting – and just spending time in the outdoors – is so important to me and it’s something I want to pass along to anyone and everyone that I can. You can’t see him, but the picture to the left was taken by my then-6-year-old son. That longbeard means so much to me because my son was sitting right next to me for the whole thing. It’s mounted on his wall to commemorate the occasion with a small plaque that reads Belvita. It’s an inside joke that Cohen and I will share for a lifetime.
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Hey there, I'm Daniel, your go-to guy for all things deer hunting and bowhunting gear—just call me the Robin Hood of the hunting world! When I'm not out in the wild, you can find me wrangling my two teenage boys, who are like a couple of eager beavers when it comes to joining me on hunting escapades. Trust me, trying to teach them the art of patience in a deer blind is a whole other level of parenting! But hey, it's all part of the adventure, right? With my knack for cracking jokes and my love for the great outdoors, I'm like the Bear Grylls of dad jokes—always ready to entertain while we wait for the perfect shot. So, if you're in need of a good laugh or some solid hunting advice, just give me a holler—I've got you covered, bow and arrow!
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I'm Mandi, an avid deer hunter who thrives on the rush of bowhunting. Alongside my passion for the outdoors, I love sharing tips on the best bowhunting gear. Balancing my adventures with being a mom of four, I instill in my family a deep respect for nature.
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