Choosing The Best Hang On Tree Stand

best hang on tree stand

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The Hang On Tree Stand

Although saddles have become increasingly popular in recent years, hang on tree stands – also known as “lock ons” – have been the mainstay in mobile hunting for decades. With their small, one-piece designs and light frames, they are an easy choice for the mobile hunter who is uncomfortable with hanging from a saddle, but wants something more versatile than a climber. 

What Do Hang On Stands Require

A climbing method, such as climbing sticks, screw-in steps or a strap-on ladder must be paired with a hang on tree stand to get you up the tree. My preferred combination is a hang on tree stand with sticks. This combination alleviates issues created by tree limbs. Without needing a perfectly straight tree, except where your stand will sit, your options for stand placement increase dramatically. And without needing to trim limbs (or at least not as many) on your way up the tree, your noise level and impact on the area decreases substantially, equating to a smaller chance of bumping deer out of the area. You can either climb to a height that is free of limbs to strap on your hang on deer stand, or simply trim the few that may be in your desired spot.

How Should A Hang On Stand Be Secured

The best way of securing your hang on stand to the tree is by following the directions included with your stand. Manufacturers design their hang on stands and supplied straps to fit trees of a certain diameter. Therefore, you should not deviate from their supplied instructions. Additionally, ratchet straps made for hunting purposes can be used to further secure your stand to the tree. Your primary objective is to make sure that neither the seat, nor the platform will move side-to-side or front-to-back once secured. This normally involves strapping the top (seat) portion and the bottom (platform) portion of the stand to the tree.

A word of caution: even when using hang-on stands properly, accidents can happen, so a safety harness is a must. Never climb without one! Get out there, have fun, but most importantly, be safe! Your family will thank you. Well, maybe not, but you get the point.

For mobile alternatives, check out this article on saddles or this one on climbers.

Hang On Tree Stands

XOP Vanish Evolution Hang On

The XOP Vanish Evolution Hang-On Stand is made of high-quality, cast aluminum. It weighs in at 12 pounds and holds up to 350 pounds. The platform dimensions are 27″ by 19″, so there’s plenty of room to maneuver for the perfect shot. The tri-layer foam seat provides all-day comfort. XOP Outdoors teamed up with Andrae and Cody D’Acquisto, renowned big buck killers, to create the best products on the market. They delivered with the XOP Vanish Evolution.

Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On 2

Lone Wolf aims to build the best hang on tree stand. The Lone Wolf Alpha Hang-On II features a self-leveling seat and platform. It weighs in at 14 pounds and can hold up to 350 pounds. This stand can be placed on trees from 4″-22″ in diameter. It is a very quiet and easy-to-use tree stand. The platform is one-piece cast aluminum and is a roomy 30″ by 19.5″. It include a 6-point fall arrest system and backpack straps. For easy packing in, the Lone Wolf Alpha Hang-On II can be used in conjunction with the Lone Wolf AlphaTech Stick Quiver. The stick quiver, which accepts Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks, simply attaches to the stand for the hike in.

Hawk Helium Kickback LVL Hang On

The Hawk Helium Kickback LVL hang-on tree stand comes with an extra large, contoured mesh seat with a backrest for added comfort. A footrest on each side of the platform adds more room for leg extension. The oversized platform comes with four levels of adjustment. The Hawk Helium Kickback LVL is made from heavy-duty steel and sports silent attachment hooks and PTFE washers. Tree Digger teeth bite into bark for increased stability. For going mobile, use in conjunction with Hawk Helium climbing sticks.

Muddy The Boss Hang On

Muddy’s The Boss hang-on stand is constructed of steel and has a deep, non-slip 24″ by 30″ platform. The Flex-Tek seat conforms to your body for added comfort during long sits. The flip-back seat allows for full use of the platform and the straps are silent with no metal-on-metal contact. The Muddy The Boss hang-on stand weighs 17 pounds with a maximum capacity of 300 pounds, and folds up flat for quick and easy transport. Requires a 9″ minimum tree diameter and includes a full-body harness and Suspension Relief Device (SRD). For quick installation, use in conjunction with the Muddy Pro Stick 4-Pack.


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