Tethrd Phantom Saddle Review (2023)

tethrd phantom saddle review

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Tethrd Phantom Review – 3 Years In The Making

I’m a diehard bowhunter. There’s no mistaking that.

On the rare occasion I carry a rifle into the woods because I’m taking someone else and have no two-seat bow spots, I’m overwhelmed with guilt and regret. Yeah, it’s a problem.

Anyway, because of that obsession, a tree saddle isn’t just another piece of gear.

It’s one of the most important pieces of gear because it is the single biggest factor in bowhunting success throughout the season.

Why, do you ask? Because it gives me options.

It gives me options to move quickly, to get into trees that would have been impossible to hunt 50 years ago, and to stay with the buck movement without having to trim limbs and hang an obnoxiously bulky tree stand that deer would notice.

My saddle of choice has been the Tethrd Phantom Tree Saddle. It has completely changed my approach to hunting.

Over the past three years, it’s been instrumental in numerous successful hunts, offering unmatched comfort and agility in various terrains and conditions.

The Phantom stands as a testament to the evolution of ultralight hunting, embodying the essence of the saddle hunting revolution.

Detailed Product Features of The Tethrd Phantom

Sizing and Fit

Adaptive Sizing: The Phantom caters to a broad range of waist sizes, ensuring a snug fit whether I’m in lighter or heavier hunting gear.

The Regular size is perfect for waists between 28″-36″, while the XL fits those 38″ and above.

Flexibility in Fit: The design accommodates different body shapes. If you’re someone who needs extra room, the XL offers that without compromising on comfort or mobility.

Customizable Comfort: The Phantom’s structure adapts to my body, providing a tailor-made fit that’s essential for long-duration hunts. I’ve spent all-day rut hunts comfortably hanging from my Phantom.

Comfort and Support

Innovative Comfort Channels: These channels are a game-changer, allowing for easy adjustments to suit various positions and preferences. The high, medium, and low settings cater to different support needs, whether it’s lower back or under-seat cushioning. It helps me to keep my hips from being pinched.

Simplified Adjustments: Adjusting the Comfort Channel is straightforward. I simply stand up on my platform to relieve the tension and move my bridge up or down to the next channel Simple as that.

UtiliBridge Technology

The Dynalite material used in the UtiliBridge combines extreme strength with lightweight properties. This material is stronger than steel.
On-the-Fly Adjustability: The nearly 30 inches of adjustability ensures that I can find my ideal hanging position quickly and without too much movement.

Enhanced Lineman Loops

User-Friendly Design: The larger, re-engineered lineman loops are a significant upgrade. They’re super easy to find and clip onto even in the early morning or late evening darkness.

Strength and Durability: These loops are designed to withstand intense use, giving me confidence in their reliability during my climbs up and down. I never have to worry about them. Just make sure to always inspect them and every other part of your saddle before each hunt to make sure it’s all still good for use. It’s an ultra-tough saddle, but don’t bet your life on it being perfect.

Innovative Waist Belt: The ultra-wide, ultra-adjustable design of the new waist belt is fantastic. The elimination of the tri-glide adjustment system streamlines the belt, making adjustments super quick and super easy. Clip it on, pull the belt to tighten, and adjust your keeper to put away the slack.

Versatile Buckle Positioning: The floating design of the belt allows for unlimited positioning options, accommodating different personal preferences.

Tethrd Suspender Kit Compatibility

Ready for Additional Support: The Phantom’s design includes provisions for the Suspender Kit, offering added stability and comfort options for prolonged hunts.

Seamless Integration: The Suspender Kit, although sold separately, integrates flawlessly with the Phantom, adding yet another layer to its functionality. See the Tethrd Suspender kit here.

Additional Accessories:

Sys Hauler and Hys Strap

Sys Hauler: The ultralight storage system is another vital component of my gear, offering quick-connect convenience and modular design for various storage needs. All of my climbing stick straps, platform strap, and Hys Strap fit nicely in it, keeping them at the ready as I climb. See the Sys Hauler here.
Hys Strap: The versatility and strength of the Hys Strap make it indispensable for hanging gear, especially on public land where gear hangers can’t be screwed into trees. See the Hys Strap here.

Tethrd Phatom Saddle Review -Technical Specs 

Weight: The Phantom is incredibly lightweight at just 24 ounces, making it one of the lightest saddles on the market.
Load Capacity: If you’re reading this, I’m assuming that the 300 lb. weight rating of the Tethrd Phatom tree saddle is going to be plenty for you.

Dimensions: Compact and easy to carry, the Phantom measures 8.5 × 6.75 × 3.5 inches, fitting easily into any standard-size hunting packs. Because of how light it is, I always just wear mine in. It just allows me to get up the tree quicker once I get where I’m going.
Material Quality: The use of high-strength, weather-resistant materials like Dynalite and robust polyester in the Hys Strap ensures longevity and reliability. I can speak to its longevity because I’ve been using the Tethrd Phantom saddle, Hys Strap and Sys Hauler for years, and none of them shown signs of wear. And I hunt hard.
Adjustability: Features like the UtiliBridge and Comfort Channels offer the right amount of adjustability for anyone to get comfortable in it. It just takes a little practice to get everything just how you want it.

Personal Experience With The Tethrd Phantom Tree Saddle

saddles for mobile hunting

Over the past three years, the Tethrd Phantom Tree Saddle, along with the Sys Hauler and Hys Strap, has been central to not only my success, but my growth as a bowhunter. 

It’s allowed me to explore, test my knowledge, and learn about more about deer behavior than I ever could have sitting in pre-hung stands or disturbing new spots through trimming.

Occasionally, I may sit in a ground blind or a tree stand because I have someone else with me, but 99% of my hunting efforts happen hanging from my saddle.

It’s extremely reliable, as I’ve never had an issue with it, and it provides me with opportunities I never could have had if I had not deciding to try it out.

It’s comfortable, ultra-light, and super dependable. Most of all, it provides a freedom to hunt how I want, where I want.

Tethrd Support

I’ve only had to contact Tethrd once ever and it was at the very beginning when I first purchased my Phantom. They were so prompt and so great about putting my concerns at ease.

It was service that you just don’t get anymore. If you’re on the fence about trying out a Tethrd saddle, I’d ask, “What do you have to lose?”

They’re not super cheap, but good gear generally isn’t. If you’re wanting to go mobile while staying as light as possible, it’ll be the best money you’ve ever spent.

What Are Your Thoughts?

I hope I’ve convinced you through this Tethrd Phantom saddle review just how much of a gamechanger it can be for your hunting success.

Let me know what you think in the comments? Are you going to give the Phantom a try? Why or why not?

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