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Since I’ve been using an e-bike, I’ve seen the difference that the best QuietKat accessories can make in terms of comfort, ease of use, and utility.

The problem is, before you’ve used them, you simply have no idea what you’re missing out on. 

So, I’ll let you know based on my experience which ones are going to make your life easier.

We’re going to start with those that offer a more comfortable ride.

The Best QuietKat Accessories For Comfort 

The stock seat that comes on a QuietKat isn’t necessarily bad, but if you’ve got a larger rear end or you’re not in your early 20’s, you may notice that it’s a little small and a little stiff.

The QuietKat Premium Saddle is just that – premium. It’s larger and much softer than the original.

It makes riding so much more comfortable, especially when I’m riding on bumpier terrain. Because of that, you’ll find that it’s easier to ride longer and further. 

The Premium Saddle is perfect for older riders, those with back issues, and for anyone who would rather just have a more comfortable ride.

Although I don’t have the Kinect suspension kit on the QuietKat that I ride, I thought it should be included because of the added comfort that it can provide.

In the same way the larger, premium seat adds a higher level of comfort on bumpier terrain, the Kinect Premium Suspension offers a lot of shock absorption right underneath your seat that you don’t get on a stock QuietKat.

There are different sizes to choose from depending on your seat post size, as well as your weight.

The Best QuietKat Accessories For Hunting

This past deer season, I used the QuietKat to drive the long way around a large field and come in the back door to land right next to a bedding area.

I did this to keep from busting deer that were feeding in the timber right next to the field. 

It worked like a charm.

At 7:16AM, I let an arrow fly on nice buck at 13 yards as he was approaching a scrape, and the rest is history. To get the buck back to my truck, I decided to strap a rope around his antlers and drag him back with the QuietKat.

QuietKats may be fast, but their low gear isn’t anywhere strong enough to drag a deer, even across flat ground. It wouldn’t budge.

Enter the QuietKat Game Cart. If you can’t pull your vehicle right up to where your deer will be post-harvest, a game cart is necessary.

Make that decision before you make the kill.  Otherwise, you’ll be dragging it out by hand, mumbling about the need for a cart under your breath the whole way out.

Being able to place all my stuff in the Pannier Cargo basket means I don’t have to go bouncing down the road/trails trying to hold my stuff at the same time.

Everything doesn’t always fit inside the pack I’m wearing. Recently, I had a pack, my bow, a gallon of water, and several layers of clothing I had taken off when it got too warm. 

Where do think all the clothing and the water had to ride? The Pannier basket. It’s plenty big enough to strap bags and all sorts of miscellaneous gear down. 

If you deer hunt, you should be well aware of how important the use of red light is when going in or coming out of the woods in the dark. 

Deer don’t see the red color spectrum – it just looks brown to them – so using a red light keeps from alerting them, as well as other game, when it’s dark out.

It’s also extremely important to see where you’re going when riding an e-bike at night, so the Red Light Explorer 2000 is one of the most important add-ons you can purchase as a hunter. It mounts right on the handlebars.

It’s offers plenty of light to see where you’re going, and it’s not alerting deer across the timber or fields the way a white light does.

You may think that a tire liner is extremely unnecessary, but I can tell you that after having a flat tire from sand spurs – yes, SAND SPURS – it’s more of a necessity than you’d think.

Sand spurs are the small spikey “balls” that often grow around fields. They’re invasive, so once they start growing, it can be hard to get rid of them.

If sand spurs can cause a flat, what do you think will happen when you inevitably run through a briar patch and hit some long, sharp thorns?

The Tannus Armour Tire Liner offers 15mm of puncture protection on the top, as well as 2mm of sidewall protection from sharp objects and rocks.

It also adds vibration dampening for a smoother ride.

If I had to choose one accessory, which should I choose?

If I had to choose only one accessory, I’d say the Game Cart because there really is no substitute for it when you need it. 

You can get by without the rest, but without the game cart, you’ll have to get your animal back to your truck the old fashioned way.

Do I have to purchase straight from QuietKat?

No, you can get QuietKat accessories from many different online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Some of the links above are to Amazon, some are to GoHunt, and another is to QuietKat.

Final Thoughts

Using the QuietKat, scouting can be more effective and efficient, and hunting can be more discreet. 

There’s no denying the immense benefits of using an e-bike. The only question you have to ask yourself is, “Do I need more out of it?”

If the answer is yes, you’ll find what you need in the accessories. Need a more comfortable ride? Look to the accessories.

Need more capacity, capabilities, and features? Look to the accessories.

And if there are any that you feel are worth mentioning, I’d love to hear it. Let me know below!

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