Screw In Tree Steps For Mobile Hunting

screw in tree steps

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Step It Up With Screw In Tree Steps

Screw in tree steps are a light, versatile option for getting up to hunting height. Their small size allows for easy transport in a pack, and they can even be carried inside a cargo pants pocket. Constructed of steel, there is potential for clanking, which we all know can be the ultimate hunt-killer, especially when hunting close to bedding. Therefore, tightly securing them in a pack, or to one another, until needed is essential for a silent entry. Screwing in steps by hand does require a certain amount of energy that can make for a sweaty and scent-filled adventure, particularly in the Southeastern heat of late summer. To help alleviate this, drill attachments are available for quick and easy installation, but their use, obviously, should be reserved for preset locations that won’t be hunted immediately. A drill is by no means necessary. In South Carolina, where screw in tree stand steps are permitted on private land, I used them all season during the Fall of 2020, simply screwing in each step by hand as I went up the tree.

One last remark on screw in tree steps before diving into the best options: be sure to check local regulations for where you will be hunting, as some states prohibit their use, particularly on public land. If prohibited, climbing sticks are a great option.

Screw In Tree Steps

Ameristep Tree Step 8-Pack

This 8-pack of Ameristep tree steps are self-tapping, making installation easier. There are two different lengths to choose from – 4-inch Step-Up and 6-inch Grizzly. The 4-inch Step-Up has a 4-inch step surface and can hold up to 750 pounds. The 6-inch Grizzly has a 6-inch step surface and can hold up to 1,250 pounds. Obviously, the weight capacity is more than enough, so it really comes down to preference over the size of the step surface. Both sizes come with 2 inches of thread length. The finish is dark green and non-reflective for an inconspicuous look and the step surface is deeply knurled for safe climbing.

Leimo Tree Step 8-Pack

This 8-pack of Leimo tree steps doesn’t seem to be much different in design from other brands selling similar steps. Black in color and constructed of one-piece steel, it comes in with a maximum capacity of 705 pounds, which is more than enough for every hunter entering the woods. The 4.72-inch step surface is knurled to aid in preventing slips while ascending or descending. The thread length is 2.75 inches and is sharply pointed for easy installation.

Highwild Tree Step 8-Pack

This 8-pack of screw-in tree steps from Highwild is black in color and has a knurled, 4-inch step surface for safe climbing. Each step is made from solid, one-piece steel and has a maximum capacity of 360 pounds with a 2-inch thread length. The threads are sharply pointed to make installation easier.


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