The Best Hunting Video Camera Under $500

best hunting video camera under $500

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Bringing a camera along on your hunts gives you the ability to not only relive the excitement, but it allows you to bring your friends and family in on the action after the hunt is over!

But not just any camera will do. The average camera, even expensive ones, aren’t made for rough environments.

And clunky equipment can absolutely turn an otherwise successful hunt into a discouraging walk back to your vehicle.

We hunters need a camera that was made to be rugged, lightweight, easy-to-use, and provide super high-quality videos. Oh, and not break the $500 mark!

What's The Best Hunting Video Camera Under $500?

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  • Up to 8X zoom
  • Up to 4k resolution
  • Up to 60 frames per second
  • SLOW-MO recording
  • Touchscreen display for changing settings and playing back recordings
  • An app that allows you to customize 3 modes of recording
  • several attachments to choose from
  • high-quality rugged design
  • single button recording
  • Wayyyyyy under $500!

Tactacam has quickly become the number 1 choice for hunters who want to self-film their hunts. It’s the best point-of-view action camera that was specifically built for the hunting community.

The Bone Collector himself, Michael Waddell, keeps a Tactacam attached to the end of his bow. But it’s not just for bowhunters, as their special attachments and accessories allow you to record your rifle hunts at long distances as well.

There is so much you can do with a Tactacam, as they continue to bring new attachments and accessories to the market. 

How The 6.0 Is Different

The new Tactacam 6.0 is a huge upgrade from the 5.0, including a touchscreen display and image stabilization.

Before the 6.0, you needed to connect to the Tactacam app to change settings and see from your camera’s point of view.

Now, all of that can be done directly from the screen on your Tactacam. Of course, the app can still be used to change the individual settings for each recording mode.

You can even play back your recordings straight from the touchscreen.

The new Tactacam 6.0’s image stabilization reduces “shot shock” when arrows are released or a gun is fired.

The App

The Tactacam app allows you to modify the frames-per-second and resolution for each of your three modes of operation.

Once you record, you’re also able to view all your videos and download them straight to your phone or tablet from the app.

Remote For Multiple Cameras

Tactacam also has a Remote that can sync to up to 5 Tactacam 6.0s, allowing you to start and stop multiple cameras at a time with the push of a single button. 

For example, one Tactacam 6.0 could be attached to a tree, getting you in the picture drawing back and releasing, while another records the actual shot from a stabilizer mount. Both would be recording simultaneously, thanks to the remote.

My Experience

Like I said before, I’ve been using a Tactacam for just about 2 years at the time of this writing, and my experience has been fantastic.

Now, with the new Tactacam 6.0, the experience is going to be even better with the ability to manipulate the camera and play back straight from the screen.

I’ve hunted hard for deer and turkey over the past two years and my Tactacam hasn’t skipped a beat. It’s proven to be the best hunting video camera under $500. Check out my YouTube review below to see the Tactacam in action!

All-in-all, the Tactacam has been great. If you’re looking for the best hunting video camera under $500, you’ll find it in the Tactacam 6.0.

Looking for a great trail camera? Be sure to check out my review on the Tactacam Reveal X here!


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