The Bowhunter’s Christmas Wish List

bowhunter christmas wish list

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Now’s The Time

Christmas is quickly approaching, and that means it’s time to get the bowhunter in your family all the gear they wish they had every time they walk in the woods. Deer season may be wrapping up in the next month or so, depending on where you live, but there are still important items to be used this year. Plus, next season will be here before you know it. And don’t forget that spring is just around the corner, which means the turkeys will be gobbling and your bowhunter needs to be ready.

Below, you’ll find a gear list that is sure to have them grinning from ear to ear on Christmas morning! 

Bowhunter's Wish List

Grim Reaper Razorcut SS Whitetail Special

I can personally attest to the devastation offered by the Grim Reaper Razorcut SS Whitetail Special. At 100 grains, this 3-blade mechanical broadhead creates a 2″ cut that makes a well-placed arrow deadly every time. As the name suggests, they’re perfect for whitetails, but the wide cut also makes them great for turkeys as well. Last spring, I lowered my draw weight and took two longboards with these broadheads. Give the Grim Reaper Razorcut SS Whitetail Special as a gift and they may never shoot another head.

HuntCool Archery Broadhead Case

If they own broadheads, they need a place to store them. Laying broadheads on a table or a shelf in the closet is not only unsafe if you have small children around, but it’s also a good way to dull the blades quickly. That’s where the HuntCool Archery Broadhead Case comes in. This case is made of waterproof, ABS plastic and will hold up to 28 broadheads inside its foam padding. It will hold mechanical, fixed blade, 3-blade and 4-blade heads and can hold them downward or upright. Help your bowhunter keep the blades on their broadheads sharp by giving them the HuntCool Archery Broadhead Case.

Trophy Ridge Sync Drop Away Rest

Most new bowhunters don’t pay too much attention their arrow rest, which is typically a whisker biscuit, when first starting out. It serves the purpose of getting them on their way to flinging arrows. As a bowhunter progresses, however, and gets more comfortable and more accurate with their compound, they often begin looking to equipment improvements for even greater accuracy. One of the first upgrades a bowhunter looks to is often a drop away rest. The Trophy Ridge Sync Drop Away is a great rest for those looking to have complete vane clearance, aiding in reduced friction and accuracy. This combination makes for a greater arrow velocity. This rest is cable-driven, offering consistently smooth operation, shot after shot. It offers full arrow containment, keeping arrows safely within the rest during movement. All mounting hardware is included in this universal rest for easy installation. It’s constructed of aluminum and is covered in felt for noise reduction. Fine-tuning is made easy with windage and elevation adjustments. This Trophy Ridge Sync Drop Away rest is for right-handed bows. For a left-handed model, click here.

Plano Bow Guard

The Plano Bow Guard offers plenty of room for safely securing a bow, quiver, arrows, and release. This case has been constructed to deliver crushproof strength. It utilizes a continuous Dri-Loc seal, which keeps equipment protected from the elements. The Plano Bow Guard is airline approved and has dual-stage, lockable latches and high-density foam, providing support during travel. It’s a great case for protecting valuable equipment. They’ll thank you. Trust me.

Highwild Ground Stake Bow Holder

Whether sitting in a ground blind or tucked in behind brush, your bow has to be readily available. A bow laying on the ground with a 31-inch arrow nocked doesn’t make for a quiet, easy retrieval. Enter the Highwild Ground Stake Bow Holder. Simply step on it to stake it into the ground and it’s ready to go. Coated in rubber, placement and retrieval is quick and quiet. Your compound stays upright and close by, ready for when the action heats up, and every bowhunter with a little experience knows it can go from zero to 60 and back to zero in a matter of seconds, so your bow needs to be ready and by your side at all times. Keep the Highwild Ground Stake Bow Holder in your pack this spring, and you’ll be ready when that tom comes in strutting.

Hunter Safety Systems Pro Series Harness

Hunter Safety Systems specializes in sending hunters back home safely at the end of every hunt. With the Hunter Safety Systems Pro Series Harness, you can rest assured that when used properly, your bowhunter will stay attached to the tree should an accident occur while in their stand. A safety harness is an absolute must-have for anyone hunting out of a tree. The only exception is for those hunting from a saddle. The Hunter Safety Systems Pro Series Harness is treated with Elimishield, a scent-eliminating technology. An included USB port allows for charging a smartphone through a USB battery pack (not included). This harness comes with a training DVD and all necessary straps. I personally use this harness. It’s very comfortable and has many large pockets for carrying necessary gear, such as calls, lures and a gear rope. This harness is a life saver – literally.

Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag

If you’re unfamiliar with ozone, technically known as O3, and why it has become popular in the hunting industry, here’s a mini crash course: ozone destroys scent-containing molecules (a.k.a. human odor). Because controlling one’s scent is of primary concern for a deer hunter, certain companies across the hunting industry have created products that generate ozone and disperse it by way of a small fan. The Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag is one such product. This is no hoax, and it’s no gimmick. The basis for all ozone generating products is purely scientific. This article from sheds a much more scientific and descriptive light on the subject. All you really need to know is that ozone works. The Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag, which includes an ozone generator, can be utilized to cleanse hunting clothes and gear of all odor. It can be used in a 110-volt outlet at home, or inside a vehicle on the way to the woods by way of a 12-volt car charger. Clothing and gear are simply placed in the bag with the ozone generator, a run-time is selected, and that’s it. Clothing and gear are pulled from the bag scent-free. Ozonics also offers an ozone generator and Dri-Wash Descenting System.

Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On Stand w/ Sticks Package

Lone Wolf has done it again. They’ve found a way to combine everything you need into one, easy-to-carry package. The Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On Stand w/ Sticks Package includes the Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On, an industry best, along with their versatile climbing sticks and climbing stick quiver. The sticks snap right into the quiver, which is mounted to the stand itself. Simply throw on the backpack straps and you’re ready to venture through the timber. The lightweight, 21-pound Alpha Hang On tree stand has a 30″ x 19.5″ platform, constructed from cast aluminum. It has a weight rating of 300 pounds and includes a 6-point fall arrest system to ensure a safe hunt. At 2.5 pounds per stick, the four climbing sticks weigh in at only 10 pounds and each have a weight rating of 300 pounds. They’re extremely durable, made in the U.S.A and offer plenty of height at 32″ per stick. The pivoting V-brackets allow them to grip a curvy or leaning tree as small as 4 inches in diameter, and each step can swivel to the left or right, depending on which foot you’d prefer to start with. All-in-all, the Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On Stand w/ Sticks package is perfect for the mobile hunter.

Just need the Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks? Find them here.

Muddy Pro Stick – 4 Pack

At 20 inches per stick and constructed of aluminum, it’s easy to see why many prefer Muddy Pro Sticks over the competition. A major benefit to the Muddy stick is its rope cam system, which secures the stick to a tree by way of cinching a rope in the cam without the use of a buckle. Buckles, which have the tendency to clank into the stick before being tightened require a little more caution when used. Each stick weighs in at 2.5 pounds and can support up to 300 pounds. Use in conjunction with the Muddy’s The Boss Hang-On stand.

Ameristep Screw In Tree Step – 8 Pack

This 8-pack of Ameristep tree steps are self-tapping, making installation easier. There are two different lengths to choose from – 4-inch Step-Up and 6-inch Grizzly. The 4-inch Step-Up has a 4-inch step surface and can hold up to 750 pounds. The 6-inch Grizzly has a 6-inch step surface and can hold up to 1,250 pounds. Obviously, the weight capacity is more than enough, so it really comes down to preference over the size of the step surface. Both sizes come with 2 inches of thread length. The finish is dark green and non-reflective for an inconspicuous look and the step surface is deeply knurled for safe climbing.

Vortex Optics Crossfire HD

The Vortex Optics Crossfire HD binoculars are offered in a variety of magnifications and objective lens sizes, including 10×42, 10×50, 12×50 and 8×42. These waterproof binoculars are made of aluminum, so they’re going to be relatively lightweight. They offer great light transmission with edge-to-edge sharpness. The Vortex Crossfire HD includes adjustable eye cups that twist to increase comfort with or without eyeglasses. External rubber offers protection and a non-slip grip. Nitrogen purging, along with an o-ring seal, keeps moisture out and offers fog-free viewing.

Vortex Optics Glasspak Binocular Harness

If you’ve spent much time scouting, you know how uncomfortable it can be to have a pair of binoculars hanging from your neck for hours on end. The Vortex Optics Glasspak Binocular Harness offers relief from neck strain by allowing your back and shoulders to bear the load. This harness is offered in two colors: tan and blaze orange. The dimensions are 3.8″ x 7.1″ x 9″, so it can hold a variety of binocular sizes. Take the Vortex Optics Glasspak with you on your next scouting day or hunt, and you’ll never leave home without it again.

SkyPoint Link Micro LTE-V Cellular Trail Camera

At just $99, the SkyPoint Link Micro offers a cellular trail camera at an affordable price. Game animals don’t know the difference between checking trail cam cards and hunting. It’s all pressure to them. Cellular cams give you the ability to know what’s stomping around your hunting grounds without having to walk in to check an SD card every week or two. You have the option to use this camera with or without cellular service. When adding service, just choose your preferred provider, download the app, then view images without ever leaving your home. Plan rates are as low as $4 per month with no contract. The SkyPoint Link Micro has 4-LED infrared flash, which cuts down on disturbance to game animals. This camera boasts 10 megapixel photos, with a trigger speed of .5 seconds and an 80-foot detection range. For the price, this camera can’t be beat. 

Tenzing Hangtime Hunting Pack

The Tenzing Hangtime hunting pack’s EVA-molded shell was designed specifically for hunting from a tree. The shell allows it to keep its shape while hung. This pack was obviously built with bow hunters in mind, as it contains a removable bow carrier. The main compartment on this pack has top- and front-load access. It comes equipped with a flat-bottomed base compartment, which includes a Plano utility box and fold-down face compartment with five pockets. Now that’s a lot of storage! The Tenzing Hangtime hunting pack utilizes ultra-soft fabric for quietly accessing gear during hunts. Chest and hip compression straps, along with channeled shoulder straps, increase the comfort of this hunting pack. And last, but certainly not least, an H2O-compatible port makes it possible to install a water bladder, which is not included. For the average hunter, this pack is perfect. It’s the ideal size for packing in gear for a typical day-hunt and the quality is second to none.

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Pack

The ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit pack is offered in Realtree Edge, Mossy Oak Country and Coyote Brown. Its front shelf pocket keeps all your most important, smaller items organized and at your fingertips. The padded waist belt with reinforced webbing is equipped with two pockets and will accommodate clip-style holsters. The 2,700-cubic inch ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit pack includes a blaze orange rain cover to keep you safe and your gear dry. A drop-down pocket can be used to safely carry a gun or bow. Quiver holders are included on each side of this pack.

Primos Double Bull Surround View 270

Double Bull Surround View from Primos isn’t your typical ground blind. With see-through walls, this blind offers 270 degrees of view with the windows closed. You can see out, but game can’t see in. No more getting busted from trying to see what’s just out of view. You can see it all inside this roomy blind patterned in Truth camo.

Bolderton Bale Pop-Up Blind

The Bale pop-up blind from Bolderton is the ideal choice for hunting fields where hay bales are common. Game animals, such as Turkey and Deer, become so accustomed to seeing bales that they’ll look right past this blind as if it’s natural to the setting. Made of a burlap exterior, this blind is large enough for two with room to stretch. It also boasts a variety of shooting windows.


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