Ground Blinds For Deer Hunting

ground blinds for deer hunting

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When To Use Ground Blinds For Deer Hunting

If you ever find yourself chasing turkeys in the Spring, you’ve probably seen the inside of a ground blind, but  have you ever considered ground blinds for deer hunting? Imagine this: you’ve just found the best spot for an ambush. You scan for a few moments and, just like that, the perfect, straight tree with just the right amount of limbs for concealment – with none blocking your view – pops right out at you. And looky there. It’s perfect for the prevailing winds.

Now, how often does that really happen? Almost never. Instead, there is usually a great deal of thought, strategizing, and let’s face it – settling – on a tree that is not so ideal, but will at least get you in the game. But what about when there are no trees? Or at least none that will work. What if the right tree isn’t your biggest consideration? What if, like me, you have a young son or daughter to whom you’re trying to pass on the passion, and 20 feet up a tree isn’t an option. In either case, a ground blind may be your best bet! 

Plan of Attack

While turkeys may not bat an eye at a freshly planted ground blind, a whitetail’s memory serves them much better. With that said, when deer hunting from a blind, it should be “brushed in” and left alone long enough for the deer in your area to become acclimated to its presence. Brushing in is the process of taking natural limbs and foliage from surrounding areas and placing/securing them against your blind, creating a more natural, 3D look to passing wildlife. This makes them more at ease around it. It also helps to conceal your silhouette through the open windows during a hunt.

The length of time it takes for deer to become accustomed to a newly planted blind is partially determined by hunting pressure in the area, but can be as low as a week or two. Does will acclimate much faster than bucks, with mature bucks taking the longest to become comfortable. For best results, set up and brush in your blinds during the summer, staking them down and tying them down to prevent storms from blowing them through the neighboring trees. It will happen if you don’t secure them. Also, use provided poles to pitch the roof, as water or snow will collect and cave it in.

The Greatest Benefit

The greatest benefit of using a ground blind for deer hunting, no matter what other options are available to you, is scent reduction. Ground blinds contain your scent in a way that no saddle, hang-on or climber is capable of. They also have the benefit of being portable and easily transported from one location to another, unlike fixed stands. 

There’s a time and place to use a blind while getting after whitetails. Adding one to your arsenal will ensure that you’re prepared when the need arises.

Ground Blinds

Ameristep Brickhouse 3-Person Blind

Ameristep takes hunting at ground-level to the next level with their Brickhouse blind. I just recently harvested a doe from this blind after harvesting three turkeys from it this past Spring. My 6-year-old son was by my side for one of those turkeys and we had plenty of room to spare. Patterned in Mossy Oak Breakup Country, this blind disappears against natural foliage. It offers a spacious interior large enough for three adults and a variety of windows to shoot from. Brush loops make brushing this blind in quick and easy and its ShadowGuard coating keeps shadows and silhouettes hidden.

Primos Double Bull Surround View 270

Double Bull Surround View from Primos isn’t your typical ground blind. With see-through walls, this blind offers 270 degrees of view with the windows closed. You can see out, but game can’t see in. No more getting busted from trying to see what’s just out of view. You can see it all inside this roomy blind patterned in Truth camo.

Bolderton Bale Pop-Up Blind

The Bale pop-up blind from Bolderton is the ideal choice for hunting fields where hay bales are common. Game animals, such as Turkey and Deer, become so accustomed to seeing bales that they’ll look right past this blind as if it’s natural to the setting. Made of a burlap exterior, this blind is large enough for two with room to stretch. It also boasts a variety of shooting windows.


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