Latitude Method 2 Saddle Review

latitude method 2 saddle review

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This Latitude Method 2 saddle review breaks down every aspect of the Method 2 tree saddle, detailing every benefit and feature, so you can decide if it’s the right tree saddle for you. 

Latitude Method 2 Saddle Review

In the world of tree saddles, being lightweight isn’t enough. They’re all lightweight. The competition has grown fierce in regards to making the most adaptable, comfortable, and feature-rich saddles.

Latitude is no different. But where they are different is in their innovation. When they popped on the scene, they really popped on the scene, producing one of the most innovative and comfortable saddles ever created in the Method 2.

Two-Panel Design

The most notable feature of the Latitude Method 2 saddle, and what sets it apart from others, is its two-panel design. 

Its QuickConnect magnetic design allows you to have the lower section completely overlap the top section, making it much smaller than other saddles while walking in to your hunting spot.

Latitude Outdoors Method 2 ultra-light compact hunting saddle 2 panel closed view

Then, once  you’re ready to hunt, simply pull the overlapped lower section downward, the magnets will let go, and you can position the upper and lower sections precisely where you want them in the most comfortable location for your individual body. 

Where other saddles that came before the Method 2 were basically a “one-size-fits-all” design, where you just had to make due with how the saddle fit your body, the Latitude Outdoors Method 2 tree saddle gives you the ability to fit the saddle perfectly to your body.

This is one of the greatest innovations since the tree saddle became popular. Now, Tethrd has copied the design and introduced their own 2-panel tree saddle in the Lockdown.

Lightweight, Breathable Construction

A Latitude Method 2 saddle review wouldn’t be complete without talking about its weight. This tree saddle comes in at only 28 ounces with a max holding weight of 300 lbs.

The completely removable leg straps add an additional 3 ounces to the overall weight and contain the only metal components of the saddle itself – the G hooks, which secure the leg straps to the saddle.

Latitude Method 2 Tree Saddle Design and Features

Latitude Outdoors Method 2 ultra-light compact hunting saddle front view

Standard and XL Sizes Available

The Method 2 is available in a standard size that fits waists up to 37″, as well as an XL size that fits waists 38″ and up. The saddle is made of a breathable mesh, which helps keep you cool during the warmer months, and includes Latitude’s built-in Vertical Support Skeleton (VSS), which is the two vertical pieces in the rear of the bottom panel. 

Vertical Support Skeleton (VSS)

The VSS was designed to help the saddle fit better to the individual hunter’s body.

Moly Loops

There are Moly loops sewn into the top of the top panel for adding pouches and other saddle accessories, and the bottom panel has two thumb loops for easily deploying the bottom panel. You simply slip your thumbs into the thumb loops, push down, and the magnets release, allowing you to position the bottom panel to your desired location.

Latitude Outdoors Method 2 ultra-light compact hunting saddle extended view

Perfect Fit Every Time With Strap Loops

Once you find the perfect position for your bottom panel, you can lock it in using the two loops on the top of the bottom panel. You simply attach a strap/rope from the top panel to those loops at the right length, so every time you deploy your bottom panel, it goes to that exact position and stops. 

This will keep you from having to reposition to find the right fit every time you go hunting.

Bridge Loops

The bridge easily slides up and down the bridge loops, allowing you to position it to where the saddle won’t pull uncomfortably on your hips.

It’s connected on the left side with a prusik knot and the right size is where adjustments be made to extend or retract the bridge.

Metal-Free OpLux Waist Belt

Unlike other saddles that have metal buckles that can make clanking sounds, the waist belt of the Method 2 tree saddle is made from metal-free OpLux and has a friction hitch tied in to make it easily adjustable to your waist size. The hitch can also be placed on either side of the body, adding to the adjustability of this saddle.

Latitude Method 2 Saddle Review - Included In The Kit

Because every ounce matters, it’s important to know the weight of everything included with this saddle. When you purchase the Method 2 saddle kit, you get the the Method 2 tree saddle, the Ultralight 10mm tether and lineman belt, and a Method Dump pouch.

latitude method 2 saddle review full kit

Ultralight 10MM Tether and Lineman Belt

The Ultralight 10mm tree tether and Lineman Belt are 40% lighter than traditional 11mm ropes, but offers twice the breaking strength, being built with a core material stronger than steele and rated for 12,000 lbs. They are compatible with the Ropeman 1 mechanical ascender.

Vapor Line 8mm Tether Upgrade

For an additional fee, the 10mm tether can be upgraded to the Vapor Line 8mm tree tether, which comes with a premium carabiner and is rigged for single-handed operation out of the package. It’s constructed of Amsteel and weighs in at only .238 lbs with an minimum breaking strength of 5,672 lbs.

Method Dump Pouch

The Method Dump Pouch adds only 3.5 ounces to your overall weight and is large enough to fit a 40′, 8-9mm rope. It’s quiet and easy to use. It’s best to have one hanging on your right side and one on your left to make sure you’ve got plenty of storage for all your small items, such as straps, hangers, phone, ropes, gear rope, etc.


  • Two panel design 
  • Saddle Weight: 28 oz.
  • Completely removeable leg straps
  • Leg Straps Weight: 3 oz.
  • Kit includes Method 2 tree saddle, Ultralight 10mm tree tether, 10mm lineman belt, and Method Dump Pouch
  • Dump Pouch weight: 3.5 oz.

Latitude Method 2 Tree Saddle Informational Video

What I Like Best

There’s a lot to like about the Latitude Outdoors Method 2 tree saddle, but there are a few standout features that I love about it.

For starters, the two-panel design offers the most adjustable fit of any saddle around. This design has taken comfort to a whole new level in saddle hunting. And being able to add straps that place the bottom panel to the same position every single time is huge.

Another thing I like about this saddle is how the leg straps can be completely removed. Obviously, leg straps are completely necessary while hunting, but not while walking. There’s no need to have them riding up your legs and constricting your movement when you can simply throw them in your dump pouch until you get to your tree.

And the adjustable, friction hitch on the metal-free OpLux waist belt is awesome, making adjustment super simper and quick. 

Latitude Outdoors Method 2 Tree Saddle Review - Final Thoughts

I hope this Latitude Method 2 saddle review has shown you that this saddle is one of, if not the, best tree saddles made by any mobile hunting manufacturer. With its lightweight, breathable design, coupled with all the super practical features that this two-panel saddle has, it’s likely to be the last saddle you buy for many years. And one more thing – it’s made right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.


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