Avian X Turkey Decoys (Tested and Reviewed)

avian x turkey decoys

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Avian X turkey decoys have gained a certain reputation over the years for being super realistic and very high quality.

But is that reputation based on real results? Are they the best turkey decoys, or do they just have a good marketing team?

I’ve been dedicated to turkey hunting for over 15 years, and for the past three seasons, I’ve put Avian X decoys to the test. The results speak for themselves.

1/2 Strut Jake

Laydown Hen

Feeder Hen

Avian X Turkey Decoys

Having used Avian X turkey decoys in real hunting situations, in front of real turkeys, I can honestly say that the proof is in the pudding. I believe they really are the best turkey decoys made by any manufacturer.

Not only have I seen up close the quality of these decoys, I’ve witnessed just how real they look to mature gobblers on many occasions. 

I’ve been able to watch Toms come to my Avian X decoys many times, size up the 1/2 Strut Jake, and pulverize it for very long periods of time.

Talk about putting on a show!

Avian X Decoys Footage

Below, you’ll see a small piece of video footage from 2021 when three Jakes came in to my turkey decoys setup and wore out my 1/2 Strut Jake for 45 MINUTES!

I was holding out for a longbeard, so I just sat there and watched in amazement with my wife. We were in an Ameristep Brickhouse blind only 15 yards away.

Avian X Turkey Decoys - The Setup

My favorite setup with Avian X decoys has been having a 1/2 Strut Jake next to a Laydown Hen, with a Feeder Hen about 7 yards away. 

It paints a super realistic picture of a lone Jake looking to breed a hen, with an extra hen comfortably feeding in the background.

Toms, as well as Jakes, get super fired up at the sight of another turkey courting a Hen, causing them to run in without a second thought to the ground blind sitting 12-15 yards away.

I’ve also used just the two Hens with success, but you don’t get nearly as good of a show, in my opinion. 

My Favorite Avian X Turkey Decoys

Avian X 1/2 Strut Jake

Avian X Laydown Hen

Avian X Feeder Hen

Avian X Lookout Hen

Cost of Avian X Decoys

Avian X decoys are definitely not cheap, sitting between $75 and $130 per decoy, depending on which one you’re looking at, and where you’re buying from.

In the grand scheme of things, however, for the amount of years you can get out of them and the value they bring to a hunt, they’re well worth the money.

The best turkey decoys, like the best of any gear item, aren’t cheap, but the cost really is a drop in the bucket compared to what we spend on the rest of our gear – weapons, ground blinds, turkey vests, camo, calls, rangefinders, binoculars, etc.

Spending the money on two or three Avian X decoys that have a reputation for bringing longbeards in running is worth it, in my opinion.

The links I’ve provided above are to Amazon, and you likely won’t find cheaper prices elsewhere.

How To Inflate Avian X Turkey Decoys

Inflating Avian X decoys is simple. If the valve stem on the bottom of the decoy is not already pulled out, simply pull it out, and blow into it to inflate the decoy. 

Once it’s fully inflated, push the valve stem into the decoy to close it off, and your decoy is ready to place on its stake.

How To Store Avian X Turkey Decoys

I store my Avian X turkey decoys inflated and in the carry bags they came with. I’ve had no issues with storing them this way. 

They’re still holding their shape perfectly and are deadly as ever.

How Many Turkey Decoys to Use

If you’re wondering how many turkey decoys to use, don’t worry. There’s no secret formula or magic number. 

I’ve had a lot of success with 1, 2, and 3. The reason I change it up depends on how many times I’ve decoyed turkeys in a given season, and what I’ve witnessed through scouting.

When figuring out how many turkey decoys to use, I take into account whether I’m hunting flocked-up birds, or lone strutters.

Is it late in the season when hens are nesting and longbeards are out running solo or in pairs? A lone hen could work perfectly, but you could also get away with a 1/2-Strut Jake next to a Laydown Hen.

Already decoyed them multiple times early season with a Jake? It might be time to just set out to hens and let them strut their way in.

Mixing it up is the best way to keep fooling turkeys with decoys. And it takes the best turkey decoys to fool birds who have been decoyed before.

That’s why Avian-X decoys are the only ones I’ll use.

Avian X Decoys - Ready For Another Season

All-in-all, I’ve been super happy with my Avian X decoys. They’re the most realistic turkey decoys I’ve ever seen.

I’ve had plenty of success with them, and plan on using them for many seasons to come.

I hope this was helpful. Be sure to check out other great Southeastern Bowhunting articles, such as the Best Turkey Vest For Tagging Toms.

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