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When it comes down to it, turkey hunting can be a pretty gear-intensive sport. The right turkey vest can give you an organized way to store it all, and a turkey vest with seat option offers the added bonus of a more comfortable sit.

Best Turkey Vest - Top Picks

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Best Overall

Most Versatile

No Seat

  • Includes memory foam seat
  • Adjustable legs 
  • Padded throughout
  • Available in 3 patterns
  • Variety of pockets
  • Large, built-in game bag for toting out turkeys

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  • Wears as a traditional vest or converts to fanny pack
  • Double-padded, high density foam seat
  • Includes storable game bag
  • Available in 2 patterns
  • Striker and shotgun shell elastic loops
  • External Thermacell pocket

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  • Very organized pocket design
  • Lightweight
  • Great for run ‘n gun hunting
  • Ideal for warm weather
  • No seat

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Best Turkey Vest - Full List

  • Includes memory foam seat
  • Adjustable legs
  • Padded throughout
  • Available in Mossy Oak Bottomland, Mossy Oak Obsession, and Realtree Timber
  • Variety of pockets
  • Large, built-in game bag for toting out turkeys

I can say after using the Alps OutdoorZ Grand Slam turkey vest for the past two seasons, it’s worth every penny. 

It’s super padded all throughout, so it’s comfortable to wear all day. It’s got a great cushion that clips on and swings out when you’re ready to use it.

The pockets are ample and a variety of sizes, which fit box calls, mouth calls, and pot calls.

I’ve had the pleasure of using the built-in game bag to tote out a tom or two, which is a lifesaver when you’ve got a ways to walk with gear in-hand.

It’s definitely the best turkey vest I’ve ever owned, which is why it sits atop the list.

  • 10-point adjustment for custom fit
  • Just over 1.5 lbs.
  • Includes removable seat
  • Padded throughout
  • Available in Realtree Edge, Mossy Oak Bottomland, Mossy Oak Obsession

The Knight and Hale Run-N-Gun turkey vest really was designed to suit its name. With a 10-point adjustment system and a tighter fitting mid-section, it enables you to move quicker, quieter, and further without being too baggy.

And at just over 1.5 lbs., it’s one of the lightest vests on the market. The cinching seat system holds the removable, six-layer cushion against your rear for hands-free sitting or cinches it out of the way for when you’re moving long distances.

Knight and Hale created this vest to be the lightest, most well-fitting turkey vest on the market.

  • Wears as a traditional vest or converts to fanny pack
  • Double-padded, high density foam seat
  • Includes storable game bag
  • Available in Mossy Oak Shadow Leaf and Mossy Oak Bottomland
  • Striker and shotgun shell elastic loops
  • External Thermacell pocket

The Nomad Pursuit has got some excellent features that set it apart from many other turkey vests on the market.

For starters, it can wear as a traditional turkey vest, or just the upper backpack portion, or just the fanny pack portion.

So, you’ve got options, no matter how much or how little gear you’re hiking in with. Also, it’s got an external Thermacell pocket. And if you’ve spent even one Spring turkey hunting, you know how much of a necessity a Thermacell is.

And not having to cram it into a cargo pants pocket is a huge plus. There’s also a box call pocket with an adjustable strap, and plenty of other pockets for mouth and pot calls, as well as a cell phone holder right on the shoulder strap.

If you’re looking for a turkey vest with seat that can transform into a run ‘n gun style fanny pack, the Nomad Pursuit is a great option.

  • Large main compartment
  • Available in TrueTimber Strata and TrueTimber HTC Green
  • Variety of pouches
  • Removable and adjustable frame
  • 3″ cushioned seat
  • Adjustable legs

The Tidewe turkey vest with seat is another great option for those looking to easily pack in all their gear in one easy to wear vest.

There’s plenty of room to store calls and miscellaneous gear in the large compartment and various other smaller pockets.

A turkey vest with seat is great, but having a supporting back with adjustable legs adds another level of comfort for longer sits.

This turkey vest is another great option for those who prefer to play the waiting game a little more comfortably.

  • Available in Realtree Timber, Mossy Oak Obsession, and Mossy Oak Bottomland
  • Removable 2.5″ thick cushion
  • Integral game bag
  • 22 total pockets
  • Weight: 3 lbs.

The Alps OutdoorZ Super Elite 4.0 turkey hunting vest is another great turkey vest with seat option. 

Available in 3 camo patterns, there’s one to suit any terrain type you’ll find yourself in. The 22 pockets available throughout this turkey vest gives you the space needed to carry in as many mouth calls, pot calls, and box calls as you may need.

The removable, 2.5″ seat is there if you need it, or you can leave it in the truck if you’re heading to a ground blind.

It’s made of breathable mesh to help with the heat on those warm, late Spring afternoons. Another great turkey vest with seat from Alps.

  • Very organized pocket design
  • Lightweight
  • Great for run ‘n gun hunting
  • Ideal for warm weather
  • No seat

This turkey hunting vest is perfect for staying organized and knowing exactly where your calls are.

With bungee straps for locator calls and pockets specifically designed for strikers, pot calls, mouth calls, and box calls, you can grab the call you need quickly without taking your eyes off the timber.

Though it’s got all the pockets you need for your calls, it’s bare bone in design, meaning there’s not a lot of room to bring too much else.

It does have two zipper pockets on the sides, but this vest was designed to cut down on excess weight. It’s easy to bring along the essentials, but not much more than that. 

So, if you like to bring anything and everything you might need, this turkey vest may not be for you. But if you like to stay light and mobile, this is the perfect turkey vest.

  • Turkey vest with seat
  • Backpack style turkey hunting vest
  • 4 internal pockets, 7 external
  • Padded, reinforced shoulder straps
  • Adjustable rear game bag
  • Thermocell pocket

The Nomad Mg was designed with a lot of input from experienced turkey hunters to create a turkey vest with seat that gives turkey hunters what they need, and removes what they don’t.

It includes 4 internal pockets and 7 external pockets, which include a Thermocell pocket, pockets for strikers, pockets for pot calls with neoprene dividers to protect finishes, and mesh mouth call pockets.

It also includes an adjustable, rear game bag for those days when everything just goes right. And it comes complete with a 3″ cushion seat.

The Nomad name is known for quality, and that’s what you get with this turkey hunting vest.

Have questions about turkey hunting?

We’ve answered many of the most common turkey hunting questions here!

Do I need a turkey hunting vest?

Please keep reading, but the short answer is No. A turkey vest isn’t necessary to be a successful turkey hunter, but it makes things a whole lot easier.

And typically, a lot more comfortable, as well. Most turkey vests include a seat cushion that clips on and off, so you can walk to your hunting spot without having to actually carry it.

A turkey vest with seat means you’ll be more comfortable, so you’ll typically hunt longer, and you won’t have to worry about a wet rear end when the ground is covered in dew or rain water.

And because turkey hunting can be very gear-intensive, a good turkey vest is going to help you to keep all your turkey calls organized for when you need them.

Many turkey vests also now include a rear game bag for toting out a turkey after a successful hunt. 

Whether you’re leaning toward a carry-it-all turkey vest with seat, or a bare bones run ‘n gun-style turkey hunting vest, you’ll be happy that you’re not cramming all your calls into your cargo pants pockets.

Turkey Vest Basics

If you’ve never had a turkey vest before, or you’re looking to upgrade, the options can seem daunting. Especially if you’re like me and find it difficult to part ways with hard-earned dollars.

However, you can mitigate the stresses of analysis paralysis by focusing on the main features that you’ll need in a turkey hunting vest.

So, instead of just looking at everything a turkey vest offers, look at whether or not it offers what you’re already looking for.

A Seat

Do you want a seat? Most manufacturers offer turkey vest with seat options, and you have to be the judge of whether not having one is a deal breaker or not.

Still trying to decide on a seat? See the section labeled “Should I get a turkey vest with seat?” below.

Turkey Call Pockets

Turkey call pockets are non-negotiable for a turkey hunter. Calls are so paramount to consistently finding success, and it’s extremely important to have multiple calls on-hand because you never know which one is going to get it done on any given day.

All turkey vests are going to have a good amount of pocket space, but a great turkey vest is going to have special pockets designed specifically for the 3 main call types – box call, pot call, mouth call.

This keeps them organized, and helps you remember exactly where they are when you need them quickly.

So, ideally, you’re looking for a turkey hunting vest that has enough pockets to fit the amount of calls you want to have at the ready, and pockets that are specifically designed to hold them.

Integral Game Bag

If you find a turkey vest that you love, but it does not include an integral game bag, meaning one that’s built into it, that should not be a deal breaker.

However, I’ve found that it’s an extremely nice bonus. Typically, I’ve got my hands full with my bow and decoys when I’m walking in and out of the woods, so it’s nice to not have to make multiple trips on successful hunts.

I just pack my bird in my rear game bag, and I’m on my way.

Breathable, Padded Mesh

If you’re anything like me, and you primarily hunt the Spring season in the Southeast, you find yourself sweating a lot during the second half of the season. 

For this reason, I’d say that a breathable, padded mesh design is ideal. You want it to be durable first and foremost, but breathable and padded should be a close second.

The last thing you want is to feel like you’re in a hotbox, baking in the sun. So, if you’re buying a new turkey hunting vest, you might as well get one that’s airy and comfortable.

Legs and Frame

In the list above, you’ll find some of the turkey vests have an internal frame and legs. I’d say that style of turkey vest is specifically for those who plant themselves in one location and wait.

If you’re a run ‘n gun turkey hunter, you’d do better without the added bulk of a frame and legs. 

The frame and adjustable legs take comfortability to the next level, turning a turkey hunting vest into something of a soft chair.

Very nice? Yes. Necessary? No. Again, you’re deciding what features you want in a turkey hunting vest.

Should I get a turkey vest with seat?

Because it can get so uncomfortable sitting up against the ground when turkey hunting, most turkey vest manufacturers are including cushions/seats with their turkey vests.

Are the cushions necessary? Absolutely not, but having the option is, especially the older you get. You may think you don’t need a seat because you’re only hunting from ground blinds.

But what if the situation calls for you moving out of the blind, and a little closer to the turkey? You may find yourself wishing you had the option when you’re stuck motionless sitting on a large tree root with a tom closing the distance.

So, I would always opt for a turkey vest with seat option as long as it can be removed if I so choose.

Do I need a turkey vest with a ground blind?

Even if you’re primarily hunting out of a ground blind, a turkey vest is still a very good idea.

It alleviates the hassle and noise involved with bringing in a backpack or duffle that isn’t designed to keep your calls organized and at the ready.

With a turkey hunting vest, you always have the option of bringing a bag to carry all your other gear. Without a turkey vest, however, you never have the option of going mobile without utilizing pants pockets or a bag of some kind.

Give yourself the option. But if you decide not to, and you need a good turkey hunting chair for use in a blind, see the best turkey chairs here.

Questions and Comments

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject of turkey vests, and what you’ll be wearing into the turkey woods this year.

Leave your questions and comments below, and let’s connect through Instagram or Facebook @southeasternbowhunting.

And be sure to check out other great Southeastern Bowhunting articles, such as Best Turkey Calls and Avian X Turkey Decoys (Tested and Reviewed)!

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