The Best Gifts For Hunters (2023)

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When it comes to picking out gifts for hunters, it can be a challenge no matter how well you know someone, but I’ve taken the guess work out of it for you.

Below, you’ll find a list of the best reviewed, most useful items that any hunter would be happy to have. And there are many gifts for hunters under $50 spread throughout the list!

Gifts For Hunters

Gifts For The Deer Hunter

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  • Multiple sizes available
  • All straps included
  • Treated with Elimishield scent eliminator
  • USB port for charging smart devices
  • Includes training DVD
  • Super comfortable

A safety harness is an absolute must-have for anyone hunting out of a tree. The only exception is for those hunting from a saddle.

When used properly, the Hunter Safety Systems Pro Series Harness ensures hunters stay attached to the tree during accidental slips/falls while on stand.

It wasn’t designed just for keeping hunters off the ground, though. It’s treated with Elimishield, which helps with scent control while deer hunting.

To help keep hunters reachable, a USB port allows for charging a smartphone through a USB battery pack. The battery pack is not included.

Every harness comes with a training DVD and all necessary straps. I personally use this harness and can attest to its quality and comfort. It wears extremely well over a thin layer, or under a bulky jacket.

It’s very comfortable and has many large pockets for carrying necessary gear, such as calls, lures and a gear rope. This harness is a life saver – literally.

When it comes to gifts for hunters – at least the tree climbing kind – it’s a no brainer.

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  • Cast aluminum
  • Weighs only 12 pounds
  • Holds up to 350 pounds
  • Platform 27″ x 19″
  • Tri-layer foam seat

The XOP Vanish Evolution Hang-On Stand is made of high-quality, cast aluminum. It weighs in at 12 pounds and holds up to 350 pounds.

The platform dimensions are 27″ by 19″, so there’s plenty of room to maneuver for the perfect shot.

The tri-layer foam seat provides all-day comfort. Take my word for it. It’s the comfiest seat you’re going to find in a tree stand.

XOP Outdoors teamed up with Andrae and Cody D’Acquisto, renowned big buck killers, to create the best products on the market.

They delivered with the XOP Vanish Evolution. If you’re looking for great gifts for hunters, you won’t find anything better for the avid deer hunter.

gifts for hunters under $50
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  • 8 Pack
  • Deeply knurled steps for added grip
  • Self-tapping for easier installation
  • Two sizes – 4″ and 6″ step surface
  • Hold up to 750 and 1,250 pounds respectively

Deer hunters who hunt from a tree stand or saddle have to have a way of getting up the tree, and screw-in tree steps have been a tried-and-true method for decades.

The 8-pack of Ameristep tree steps are self-tapping, which makes installation easier. There are two models to choose from – the 4-inch Step-Up and the 6-inch Grizzly.

The Step-Up has a 4-inch step surface and can hold up to 750 pounds. The Grizzly has a 6-inch step surface and can hold up to 1,250 pounds.

Obviously, the weight capacity is more than enough for a hunter of any size, so it really comes down to preference over the size of the step surface.

Hunters with large feet will appreciate the Grizzly, while average size hunters and smaller will be fine with the Step-Up. Both sizes come with 2 inches of thread length.

The finish is dark green and non-reflective for an inconspicuous look and the step surface is deeply knurled for safe climbing.

If you’re looking for gifts for hunters under $50, you can’t go wrong with these Ameristep screw-in steps.

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  • Scent elimination kit
  • 25 piece kit
  • Field spray, laundry bombs, body wash, and more
  • Includes wind checker

Deer live and die by their noses. So, as hunters, we try and do everything we can to stink up the woods as little as possible.

That means we use scent elimination products, such as those made by Dead Down Wind. Typically, you have to buy all their scent products separately.

However, they’ve packaged all their best products together into one box to keep human odor as low as possible.

This 25-piece kit contains Dead Down Wind’s laundry bombs, dryer sheets, Field Spray with 2 Pac-it refills, biodegradable wash towels, hair and body soap, Wind Detector, and Aftermath Field Dressing Kit.

It has everything a hunter needs to keep their odor to a minimum, and it’s packaged together nicely at a great price.

It’s one of many great gifts for hunters under $50.

gifts for hunters under $50
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  • Scent elimination kit
  • 25 piece kit
  • Field spray, laundry bombs, body wash, and more
  • Includes wind checker

If you’re unfamiliar with ozone, technically known as O3, and why it has become popular in the hunting industry, here’s a mini crash course: ozone destroys scent-containing molecules (a.k.a. human odor).

Because controlling one’s scent is of primary concern for a deer hunter, certain companies across the hunting industry have created products that generate ozone and disperse it by way of a small fan.

The Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag is one such product. This is no hoax, and it’s no gimmick. The basis for all ozone generating products is purely scientific.

This article from sheds a much more scientific and descriptive light on the subject. All you really need to know is that ozone works.

The Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag, which includes an ozone generator, can be utilized to cleanse hunting clothes and gear of all odor. It can be used in a 110-volt outlet at home, or inside a vehicle on the way to the woods by way of a 12-volt car charger.

Clothing and gear are simply placed in the bag with the ozone generator, a run-time is selected, and that’s it. Clothing and gear are pulled from the bag scent-free.

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  • Complete field dressing kit
  • 7-piece set
  • Razor sharp blades
  • Non-slip rubberized handles
  • Includes rib spreader for cooling meat

For the hunter who field dresses, skins, or quarters their own game, the Outdoor Edge WildPak is the way to go.

I’ve personally used it on both deer and black bear, and it makes the process a breeze. This 7-piece set includes a caping knife, a gut hook/skinning knife, a boning/fillet knife, a bone saw, a rib spreader, a blade sharpener, and gloves.

It all comes packaged in a tough, washable hard case. The textured, rubber handles make it easy to keep a good grip when things get messy, and the blades are easy to keep razor sharp.

It’s one of the most practical gifts for hunters you’ll find anywhere. For more great options, see the best skinning knives on the market here!

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  • Rubber sound tube
  • Three calls in one
  • Buck, doe, and fawn call
  • Won’t freeze up
  • Most realistic call on the market

The Illusion Systems Extinguisher deer call is the most realistic call on the market. The rubber sound tube creates a natural tone that deer respond to.

The beauty of this call is that it’s three calls in one. It can be used to imitate a buck, doe, or fawn. This allows you to create a calling sequence that involves more than one deer. 

With the slide feature of this call, it isn’t able to freeze up like other calls on the market.

gifts for hunters under $50
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  • Perfect for the rut
  • Imitates and doe in estrus
  • Personally had success using The Can
  • Simple to use

Just like a grunt tube is necessary during the rut, The Can by Primos is as well. I’ve personally called in multiple bucks using my Can.

They’re super simple to use, and can be the difference during a rut hunt. Of the cheapest gifts for hunters, it can be the most important to have on hand.

gifts for hunters under $50
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  • Perfect pre-rut and rut
  • Two full set of antlers
  • Black for concealment
  • Realistic sound
  • Lightweight
  • Bone-Core Technology

Many deer have been tagged by hunters who carried a set of rattling antlers into the woods. The Black Rack by Illusion Systems makes it easy to create realistic rattling sequences that pull bucks in, thanks to their Bone-Core technology.

And with two sides of antlers to each piece, there is more to work with to create just the right sound. Being lightweight, they’re easy to pack in and pack out as well.

The Black Rack is a great addition to any deer hunter’s gear list.

gifts for hunters under $50
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  • Perfect for the rut
  • Wide range of uses
  • Lures bucks in to scrapes
  • Can be used in drippers and scent bombs

When the Rut is in full swing, Tink’s #69 Doe-In-Rut Synthetic is a must-have. It’s perfect for use around primary scrapes, funnels, pinch points and anywhere else bucks are known to cruise.

This synthetic version of Tink’s natural Doe-In-Rut simulates the scent of a doe in full estrous, ready to be bred. It’s a smell that a rutting buck can’t resist.

This lure should be used where natural lures are prohibited and synthetics are permissible. Be sure to check local regulations for guidelines pertaining to lures/attractants before use.

Make sure to also pick up a pack of Tink’s Scent Bombs to be used with the #69. Together, they make a great pair of gifts for hunters under $50.

gifts for hunters under $50

Gifts For The Turkey Hunter

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  • Super realistic
  • Proven success
  • Deflatable
  • Includes carry bag and pole

Decoys are a turkey hunter’s best friend, and there’s no better, more realistic decoy than those made by Avian-X.

Every turkey hunter needs at least a hen and a Jake decoy. I prefer to use a Feeder Hen, a Laydown Hen, and a 1/2 Strut Jake.

I’ve had tons of success with mine. Just see the video below to see how effective they can be.

Each decoy is sold separately, so I’ve included links for each above.

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  • Great for run-and-gun hunting
  • Super quick setup
  • Folds up easily for staying mobile
  • 3D leafy pattern 
  • Integrated stakes
  • 3-panel design

The Ameristep Throwdown Ground Blind offers concealment to those who like to move to where the action is.

The 3-panel design, along with the integrated stakes, allows a hunter to quickly get setup when a turkey is nearby. 

Big, enclosed ground blinds are great for concealment, but they’re clunky and noisy when moving them around. 

With the Throwdown blind, setup is quick and quiet, allowing a hunter to get in place quickly for an approaching longbeard.

The dimension are 25″ high x 91″ wide. The wall height is 27″, and it weighs only 1.8 lbs.

It’s perfect for turkey hunters who likes to move toward the action, as well as those simply looking for quick and quiet concealment.

gifts for hunters under $50
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  • Great raspy tone
  • Capable of soft clucking, as well as loud yelping
  • Successfully used many times

I first came across the Woodhaven Red Wasp after hearing The Hunting Public use it. I decided to give it a try and placed the order.

After calling in many gobblers with it over the past two years, I can honeslty say it’s the most effective turkey call I own.

It’s so easy to yelp with, offering a raspy, boss hen kind of tone. You can also purr and cluck softly with it.

It’s a great multi-purpose turkey call. Definitely one of the best gifts for hunters, especially the turkey chasing kind.

gifts for hunters under $50
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  • Different calls for different sounds
  • Pot call, box call, and mouth call
  • Easy to use for beginners and advanced hunters
  • Lifetime warranty

Just like a fisherman can never have too many lures, a turkey hunter can never have too many calls. 

The reason being is you never know which sound is going to be the one that brings in a longbeard. One day, a clean yelp from a mouth call will bring them running in.

The next day, they may not care for that sound at all. But pull out the box call, and here they come again.

The ESH Custom Calls kit gives a hunter each call type to work with when trying to sing the right tune. Having a box call, a pot call, and a mouth call gives a turkey hunter variety in their arsenal of calls.

(Click photos to view full size)
  • Great locator call
  • Causes gobblers to shock gobble
  • Allows you to locate turkeys quickly in a new area
  • Creates a natural sound that keeps turkeys unaware of your presence
  • Pairs great with the crow call below

To the uninitiated, an owl call may seem like a ridiculous choice for turkey hunting. However, any turkey hunter with a couple seasons under their belt knows its real value.

Owl calls are used for locating gobblers. Oftentimes, when an owl hoots, it causes a gobbler to “shock” gobble. Turkeys will shock gobble at just about anything – even a car door shutting!

But unlike a car door, an owl hooting is a natural sound. They also shock gobble a lot at crows. See the crow call next. It’s a great companion to the owl call.

Turkeys also gobble to a hen call, but using a hen call often makes them head in the direction of the call, which isn’t good if the hunter is still walking in the turkey’s direction.

That’s why owl calls, like the Primos Hoot Flute, are so invaluable. They cause gobblers to give you a location without them ever knowing you’re there.

It’s a call every turkey hunter needs with them on every hunt.

gifts for hunters under $50
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  • Great locator call
  • Causes gobblers to shock gobble
  • Allows you to locate turkeys quickly in a new area
  • Creates a natural sound that keeps turkeys unaware of your presence
  • Pairs great with the owl call above

A crow call, like the Primos Crow Call pictured above, is another natural sounding locator call that gets turkeys gobbling.

Whereas owl hoots are great morning and late evening calls, crow calls are great all day long.

It’s another great tool that every turkey hunter should have in their turkey hunting tool box.

gifts for hunters under $50

Gifts For The Bowhunter

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  • Holds mechanicals, fixed blade, and field points
  • Holds up to 33 broadheads
  • Foam insert
  • Durable hard case

If they own broadheads, they need a place to store them. Laying broadheads on a table or a shelf in the closet is not only unsafe if you have small children around, but it’s also a good way to dull the blades quickly.

That’s where the HuntCool Archery Broadhead Case comes in. This case is made of waterproof, ABS plastic and will hold up to 28 broadheads inside its foam padding.

It will hold mechanical, fixed blade, 3-blade and 4-blade heads and can hold them downward or upright.

Help your bowhunter keep the blades on their broadheads sharp by giving them the HuntCool Archery Broadhead Case.

gifts for hunters under $50
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  • Holds a compound bow and up to 12 arrows
  • Durable hard case
  • Soft foam insert with straps to hold down bow
  • Made in the USA

A bow is full of parts that are fine-tuned, and if any of those parts get jarred during the drive to the range or the woods, accuracy can suffer.

That’s why a good bow case, like the Flambeau Outdoors Bow Case, is necessary to the serious bowhunter.

I’ve been using mine hard, taking it to and from the woods for 2 years and it’s proven to be a tough case that can take some abuse and protect my bow in the process.

As far as bow-related gifts for hunters are concerned, it’s a must-have.

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  • 4-sided shooting
  • Can shoot with field points as well as broadheads
  • Easy to pull arrows from foam
  • Easy to carry, very lightweight

I’ve had a couple Black Hole targets and love them. What I love about them is that you can repeatedly shoot broadheads through them without damaging the heads. 

This allows you to see how the heads you’ll be shooting at an animal actually fly. All four sides can be shot with field points, while only the front and back can be shot with broadheads.

They’re not expensive for the amount of shooting they can take, and they’re lightweight, which makes them easy to move around.

And the foam inserts make it very easy to pull arrows out, whereas other target types can be extremely difficult to during arrow retrieval.

It’s a great target for any bowhunter.

(Click photos to view full size)
  • High quality, durable foam
  • Replaceable insert
  • Can be shot with field points or broadheads
  • Makes practice more realistic 
  • Prepares bowhunters better than block targets

For the bow-wielding deer hunter, there’s no better target to practice with than the Glendel 3D Buck.

Shooting at a 3D deer is the closest you’re going to get to shooting at the real thing. It allows you to visualize where you should place your arrow, and gives you an actual aiming point for when the moment of truth arrives.

The core is replaceable, but I’ve yet to have to replace mine and I’ve put a lot of shots through it. The target can take field points as well as broadheads.

(Click photos to view full size)
  • Holds a compound bow and up to 12 arrows
  • Durable hard case
  • Soft foam insert with straps to hold down bow
  • Made in the USA

Most new bowhunters don’t pay too much attention their arrow rest, which is typically a whisker biscuit, when first starting out. It serves the purpose of getting them on their way to flinging arrows.

As a bowhunter progresses, however, and gets more comfortable and more accurate with their compound, they often begin looking to equipment improvements for even greater accuracy.

One of the first upgrades a bowhunter looks to is often a drop away rest. The Trophy Ridge Sync Drop Away is a great rest for those looking to have complete vane clearance, aiding in reduced friction and accuracy.

This combination makes for a greater arrow velocity. This rest is cable-driven, offering consistently smooth operation, shot after shot.

It offers full arrow containment, keeping arrows safely within the rest during movement. All mounting hardware is included in this universal rest for easy installation.

It’s constructed of aluminum and is covered in felt for noise reduction. Fine-tuning is made easy with windage and elevation adjustments.

After using the Sync for a year, I can say it’s a high quality rest at an affordable price. And it’s a great, cost-effective way to upgrade a bow and increase accuracy.

This Trophy Ridge Sync Drop Away rest is for right-handed bows. For a left-handed model, click here.

For more great rest options, check out this article on the best arrow rests on the market.

(Click photos to view full size)
  • Personally had a full pass-through on 2022 black bear
  • Available in 100 and 125 grains
  • 1-1/4″ cut
  • .040″-thick blades
  • Crossbow and small-shaft versions available
  • Flies like a field-point
  • Razor-sharp out of the package
  • Replacement blades available

I can say with absolute certainty that the QAD Exodus fixed blade broadheads absolutely back up their claims.

I purchased a pack two days before my 2022 black bear hunt because I was specifically looking for a fixed blade broadhead that would deliver a full pass-through.

I typically hunt with mechanicals that have very wide cutting diameters, so I rarely get pass-throughs. To gain more penetration and create less friction, I wanted a smaller cutting diameter and no moving parts.

I made the decision on the Exodus after receiving two recommendations from archery professionals.

The Exodus has a very small profile compared to other fixed blade broadheads, and has a 1.25″ cutting diameter. 

I got what I was looking for. I target-shot one of them the day after purchasing to confirm they shot the same as my field points. 

They shot a little low, but not low enough to even change my sight. 

The next day, I got the chance to release one at a broadside bear standing 26 yards away. It blew through both lungs and the opposite leg like butter. 

I got exactly what I was hoping for. These are absolutely one of the best fixed blade broadheads on the market, and I’ve got a bear-skin rug to prove it.

If you’re looking for more great fixed blade options, see this article covering the best on the market.

gifts for hunters under $50
(Click photos to view full size)
  • Personally used on deer and turkeys
  • 3-blade, 2″ cut
  • Robust ferrule allows reuse
  • Rebuild kits available
  • Practice broadhead available

I’ve been shooting the Grim Reaper Razorcut Whitetail Special in 100 grains for the past two years. I can say from a lot of experience that these broadheads do exactly what you want them to.

Their 3-blade, 2″ cut leaves gaping wounds that result in short track jobs, which I’ve been fortunate enough to see firsthand on a number of hunts.

The ferrule is super robust, the blades click into place and stay there until they contact hide, and the replacement kits are easy to install and save lots of money in the long run.

In my opinion, Grim Reaper makes the best mechanical broadheads on the market. 

For more great options, check out this article on the best mechanical broadheads on the market.

gifts for hunters under $50
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  • Great for eliminating target panic
  • Trigger tension and travel are adjustable
  • Trigger barrel is adjustable
  • Crisp trigger break
  • Easy to create a consistent shot process
  • Very comfortable in the hand

The Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper handheld release has been great, allowing me to create a consistent and repeatable shot process. 

It’s super comfortable in the hand, and extremely adjustable. Trigger tension, travel, and the trigger barrel are all adjustable, allowing the archer to tailor the release to their preferences.

A handheld release helped me to conquer target panic, and I harvested my 2022 black bear after switching to the Whipper Snapper.

Looking for more release options? Check out this article that highlights the best releases on the market.

Gifts Perfect For Any Hunter

(Click photos to view full size)
  • Records hunts up to 4K, 60 fps
  • Can record slow-mo
  • Up to 8x zoom
  • Made for hunting – rifle/shotgun/bowhunting
  • Multiple mounts available (not included)
  • See my full review here

The Tactacam 6.0 was made with the modern-day sportsman in mind. The #1 Point of View camera on the market for hunting features 8x zoom which brings your hunt closer than ever.

New image stabilization technology takes the “shock” out of the shot and lets you capture crystal clear footage in 4k 60fps.

The sleek, waterproof design features a touchscreen, generates Wi-Fi, and is remote compatible. You can even play back your recordings right from the camera, viewing them on the built-in screen.

I’ve been using my Tactacam for 2 years and have had no problems whatsoever, and it’s kept up with me as I’ve hunted hard in all kinds of conditions.

It’s allowed me to record and relive my most memorable hunts.

In my opinion, it’s one of the best gifts for hunters you’ll find anywhere. It works for all kinds of hunting and there are many attachments that can be purchased separately for different kinds of weapons.

(Click photos to view full size)
  • Multiple camo patterns available
  • Front shelf pocket
  • Padded waist belt
  • 2,700 cubic inches
  • Includes blaze orange rain cover
  • Quiver holders included

Every hunter needs a pack to carry in all their gear. And one of the best, highly reviewed packs you’ll find is the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit.

It’s offered in Realtree Edge, Mossy Oak Country and Coyote Brown.

Its front shelf pocket keeps all your most important, smaller items organized and at your fingertips.

The padded waist belt with reinforced webbing is equipped with two pockets and will accommodate clip-style holsters. The 2,700-cubic inch ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit hunting pack includes a blaze orange rain cover to keep you safe and your gear dry.

And a drop-down pocket can be used to safely carry a gun or bow. Quiver holders are also included on each side of this pack, which is a huge bonus if your hunter is of the flinging arrows variety.

It’s one of the most useful gifts for hunters because every hunter needs it, and can use it season after season.

Want to see more great pack options for bowhunters? Check out our Best Bow Hunting Backpack list.

(Click photos to view full size)
  • Multiple magnifications available
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight, aluminum construction
  • Adjustable eye cups
  • Fog-free
  • External Rubber Protection

No matter the game being pursued, every hunter needs a good pair of binoculars. Vortex has been a brand trusted by professional and amateur hunters for a long time due to the high quality of their products.

The Vortex Optics Crossfire HD binoculars are offered in a variety of magnifications and objective lens sizes, including 10×42, 10×50, 12×50 and 8×42.

These waterproof binoculars are made of aluminum, which makes them relatively lightweight. They offer great light transmission with edge-to-edge sharpness.

The Vortex Crossfire HD includes adjustable eye cups that twist to increase comfort with or without eyeglasses. External rubber offers protection and a non-slip grip.

Nitrogen purging, along with an o-ring seal, keeps moisture out and offers fog-free viewing.

If the hunter you’re shopping for is in need of a good pair of binoculars, the Vortex Crossfire HD is the way to go.

(Click photos to view full size)
  • Multiple magnifications available
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight, aluminum construction
  • Adjustable eye cups
  • Fog-free
  • External Rubber Protection

Whether you’re purchasing the Crossfire HDs above or the hunter you’re looking for already has a pair of binoculars, they’re going to want the harness. 

You may not have spent much time scouting or hunting, but I can tell you from a lot of experience just how uncomfortable it can be to have a pair of binoculars hanging from your neck for hours on end.

The Vortex Optics Glasspak Binocular Harness offers relief from neck strain by allowing your back and shoulders to bear the load.

This harness is offered in two colors: tan and blaze orange. The dimensions are 3.8″ x 7.1″ x 9″, so it can hold a variety of binocular sizes.

It’s one of those gifts for hunters that gets use on every outing, so don’t overlook it.

gifts for hunters under $50
(Click photos to view full size)
  • Range From 5-1000 yds.
  • Angle compensation
  • Continuous range
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Enhanced low-light resolution
  • Added 6x magnification

Except for right-in-your-lap shots, without a rangefinder, it’s impossible to know where to aim. This is especially true when bowhunting.

Vortex is the preferred brand for many of the biggest names in the Hunting industry, including The Meater Eater’s Steven Rinella, as well as The Hunting Public.

The Impact is one of their highest-rated rangefinders.

One of its best features is its angle compensation, which means you don’t have to adjust your aiming point when aiming down from a tree stand or up from the bottom of a ridge.

You simply aim using the distance provided as if you were standing on flat ground.

The LOS mode allows for even greater precision with calculating distance on long-range or steep-angled shots.

Its Scan feature allows you to have a continuous range just by scanning, and its 6x magnification allows for more clarity and precise ranging.

And the Impact’s fully-coated multi-optics enhance image quality in low-light conditions, which is a huge feature for deer hunters.

(Click photos to view full size)
  • 7x magnification
  • Range max 450 yds.
  • 24mm lens
  • Waterproof
  • Scan mode for continuous ranging

If you’re looking for a lower-priced rangefinder, but one that’s still high quality, the Muddy LR450 is a great option.

With the LR450, you get a waterproof rangefinder with 7x magnification, which is a higher magnification than many of its more expensive competitors.

You also get Scan mode for continuous ranging as you pan across the landscape, and a maximum range of 450 yards, which is more than the average hunter will ever need.

(Click photos to view full size)
  • Plenty of room for multiple hunters and gear
  • Available in Mossy Oak and Realtree camo patterns
  • Great for both bowhunting and gun hunting
  • Many windows of different sizes to open
  • No stakes necessary for this blind
  • Very sturdy

Ameristep takes hunting at ground-level to the next level with their Brickhouse blind. I just recently harvested a doe from this blind after harvesting three turkeys from it this past Spring.

My 6-year-old son was by my side for one of those turkeys and we had plenty of room to spare. Patterned in Mossy Oak Breakup Country, this blind disappears against natural foliage.

It offers a spacious interior large enough for three adults and a variety of windows to shoot from.

Brush loops make brushing this blind in quick and easy and its ShadowGuard coating keeps shadows and silhouettes hidden.

(Click photos to view full size)
  • Southeastern Bowhunting tested
  • 260 lumens
  • 7  modes of operation
  • Includes red light
  • Multi-tilt settings
  • Illuminates up to 80 meteres

I’ve personally been using the Energizer Pro 260 headlamp for around 5 years, and I’ve had zero issues with it.

It does a great job of lighting the way for up to 80 meters and produces a 260-lumen beam of LED light in high mode.

The main light housing has multiple tilt settings to lock in place, which is one of the best features to have in a headlamp because you don’t always want it pointing straight out from your forehead.

I can attest to its durable, shatter-proof lens and IPX4 water-resistant body, having spent many days afield in rainy conditions.

You can cycle through 7 different light modes with the push of a single button – red, high, low, spot high, spot low, wide high, and wide low.

One of its coolest features is its Smart Dimming technology, which controls light intensity, saving battery life.

In low mode, this headlamp can run up to 35 hours!

The thing that I like most about it is that the red light is the first setting, so you don’t have to cycle through bright white light in the woods, alerting deer to your presence before the red setting. 

And if it’s been on the red setting for several seconds, hitting the button again turns the headlamp off, not requiring you to run through all the white light settings first.

Based on my experience and the fact that it costs less than $20, it really is one of the absolute best gifts for hunters.

If you’re looking for a great rechargeable headlamp, check out the Everbrite 350 Rechargeable Headlamp.

And be sure to check out other great headlamp options on our Top 7 – Best Headlamps For Hunting list.

gifts for hunters under $50
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  • Record what you see through binoculars or spotting scope
  • Mounts smartphone to binoculars or spotting scope
  • Multiple sizes to choose from for best fit
  • Universal sizes so they mount to a variety of binos and spotting scopes

The Vankey smartphone-to-binocular/spotting scope mount allows hunters to record what they’re looking at through their binocular or spotting scope.

The Vankey is simply attached to the binocular or spotting scope, then the smartphone is attached to the Vankey.

Press record on the smartphone, and everything seen through the lens is captured. Hunters get to see a lot of really cool things while on stand. 

The Vankey allows us to relive the experiences and share them with friends and family.

There are multiple sizes to choose from to fit small to large binoculars or spotting scopes, and the sizing chart is super easy to understand.

If you’re looking for great gifts for hunters under $50, you’ve just found one in the Vankey.

gifts for hunters under $50
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  • Made in the USA
  • Will resharpen blades for life
  • Drop-point style blade
  • Super lightweight
  • Axis locking mechanism
  • Easy open and close
  • Reversible clip

No matter what you’re hunting, a good knife is a necessity. The Benchmade 533BK-2 Mini Bugout knife is a knife that any hunter would be proud to carry into the woods.

I’ve been carrying a Benchmade for quite a while, and I can honestly say it’s the best I’ve ever had. Not only does it feel great in my hand, but the blade is razor sharp.

Made in the USA, quality is of the utmost importance for Benchmade. They may not be cheap, but you get what you pay for, and excellence is what you get with this knife.

No matter what you’re cutting, the 533BK-2 is up to the task. It’s got a great minimalistic design, and clips to your pocket nicely, staying tucked out of the way until it’s time to do work.

Benchmade has such high standards for their knives that they’ll oil, repair, clean, adjust, and re-sharpen your knife for the entire life of the blade. Now that’s service.

A good knife is one of the best gifts for hunters because it’s one of the most useful gear items we take into the woods. So, make sure the one you get is high quality.

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  • Snake proof (huge factor in the Southeast)
  • 16″ boots
  • Adjustable gusset for individual fit
  • 100% waterproof
  • 3.5mm neoprene core
  • Natural hand-laid rubber
  • 4x outsole

Camouflage isn’t the only characteristic of a good pair of hunting boots. Comfort, waterproofing, durability, quality – these are key traits of a good pair of boots.

I’ve been using the Lacrosse 4x Alpha’s for over 2 years now. They’re still in just about the same shape they were in brand new – just a little dirtier.

And I hunt hard. Like, real hard. They’re durable, waterproof, have a strap around the calf for a more individualized fit, and most importantly for me, they’re snake proof.

Typically with outdoor gear, you get what you pay for. Well, I’ve already gotten my money’s worth out of them. 

The 3.5mm neoprene makes them a thinner and less insulated boot, which is good for the warmer weather of the Southeast. 

All-in-all, they’re one of the best hunting boots on the market.

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  • Blocks your body’s natural electrical field
  • Countless documented/recorded success stories
  • Can be worn as a base layer or as outerwear
  • Endorsed by John Dudley of Nock On Archery
  • Personal success with this system

If you’re looking for one of the neatest gifts to get the hunter in your life, look no further than the Hecs hunting suit. 

It may look like simple camo, but it’s anything but simple. You can’t see it on the surface, but the material is woven with a “shield” of sorts that blocks your body’s natural electrical field from animals.

It may sound crazy, but the science is pretty simple, and I can vouch for it. Basically, it works like this – your body naturally produces an electrical field that is visible to game animals, particularly birds.

The material woven into the Hecs suit works just like a capacitor, capturing that electrical charge off your body and dissipating it. There have been countless videos of hunters moving about freely in close proximity to game animals who were none the wiser.

I even had one such experience. Once I crept into a field looking for turkeys. Seeing 5 jakes in the field, I got on my hands and knees and crawled into the field toward them. 

The grass was only a few inches tall, so I wasn’t hidden by anything. I was putting my Hecs suit to the test, and it passed with flying colors.

The turkeys just kept feeding as I crawled within range. Once in range, I rose to my knees and dropped one.

Without being able to see my electrical field, they just saw me as an inanimate object. A tumbleweed blowing slowly across the field. 

Skeptical? Get on YouTube and let your mind be blown. Check out the video below for a teaser.

You’ll see it’s one of the coolest gifts for hunters on the market. For cooler weather, see the warmer base layer here.

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  • Useful during any hunting season
  • Clear shooting lanes
  • Easily packable
  • Lifetime Warranty

I’ve learned not to go into the woods without a folding saw. You never know when you’re going to find the perfect hunting spot, but have one or two limbs blocking your shooting lane.

This Fiskars 7-inch folding saw is the perfect size, folding down small enough to be unnoticeable in your pack or pocket.

The steel blade is precision ground, and it carries a full lifetime warranty. If you do any trimming around the house, you probably already know the quality of Fiskars products, having a long line of trimming tools.

It’s a cheap way of assuring a clear shot no matter where you find yourself setting up. Wrap it and place it under the tree, or slip it into a stocking. Just make sure they don’t walk into the woods again without it.


gifts for hunters under $50
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  • Useful during any hunting season
  • Cuts up to 3/4″
  • Perfect for small limbs and brushy areas
  • Clear shooting lanes
  • Easily packable

The Fiskars PowerGear2 Pruner is perfect for clearing limbs and twigs up to 3/4″ where being quiet is key.

I never go into the woods without my pair of Fiskars pruners because I never know when I’m going to find the right tree, but have small twigs blocking my shooting lanes.

Sometimes, a folding saw is needed, but that comes at a price. Sawing a limb makes noise that can put animals on high alert.

The pruners, however, make virtually no noise. With limbs 3/4″ and smaller, you can trim and leave animals none the wiser.

That’s why the pruners are a great companion to the folding saw. They’re two great gifts for hunters.

gifts for hunters under $50
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  • Strong and durable
  • Easily packable
  • Side holster included
  • Folds down to a little over 6″
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Serrated Edge

POOOOP!!!! Yep, it’s something none of us really want to talk about, but when nature calls, it has to be addressed.

And there’s nothing worse than having to go, and not having what you need to get it done. And even worse is having to end your hunt early because of it.

Enter the poop shovel. Full disclosure: my wife got me a poop shovel a couple years ago, and it’s kept me in the field more times than I can count.

It may bring a few laughs when they open it up and you explain why you got it for them, but when the time comes to use it, they’ll appreciate it more than you know. 

It’s lightweight, but strong, it folds up small and tight, and it’s easy to pack. It’s the perfect gift for any hunter.

Make sure to also get them biodegradable toilet paper to go with it! 

gifts for hunters under $50

What Are The Best Gifts For Hunters

When trying to pick out the best gifts for hunters in your life, there are a few different things to think about.

First, what animals do they primarily hunt. You can hone in on those species above or you can stick with the general items that pertain to all hunters.

Next, think about the items they always take with them. If you’re unsure, ask a friend or family member who may know. 

What items from the list above would complicate that item? For example, if they always take their binoculars, then the Vortex GlassPak binocular harness seen above would be a great gift.

There are many gift items above that many hunters may not have, but would love to, such as the Hecs Hunting Suit or the Fiskars pruners.

You can’t go wrong with anything listed. And if it turns out they already have what you purchase, you can always return it and get something different.

Just send them the link to this page to look through for a replacement gift.

Are Gifts For Hunters Under $50 Good Quality

All the gifts for hunters under $50 listed above are great quality, and have been highly rated.

Just look for the green “Under $50” badge to know which items are gifts for hunters under $50.


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