Ozonics DriWash Bag Review

ozonics driwash bag review

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Ozonics DriWash Bag Review

This Ozonics DriWash bag review is based on actual use and performance of the bag being used with an Ozonics HR500.

Ozonics is the leader in ozone generation for hunting applications, and for good reason. Their ozone generators, as well as their DriWash bag is undeniably the best on the market, and give you an edge not attainable with any other scent elimination product available.

How Does An Ozonics DriWash Bag Work?

If you’re wondering how an Ozonics DriWash Bag works, it’s pretty simple. The complicated part is really in the science, which we’ll get to shortly. But to neutralize all human odor from your hunting clothes and any other gear you can fit in your Ozonics DriWash bag, you have to use it in conjunction with an Ozonics ozone generator, such as the Ozonics HR500

When you close up your bag with gear inside and turn on your ozone generator, it changes the human odor found on your gear at a molecular level, completely neutralizing all human scent from every nook and cranny of your clothing and gear.

ozonics driwash bag review hr500 in driwash bag

The Science Behind Ozone Generation

So, here’s how it works. Ozone generators leverage scientific principles to neutralize human odor

Ozone generators convert oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3). This happens by passing air through an electrically charged field in the machine, breaking O2 molecules down into individual oxygen atoms. These atoms then attach to other O2 molecules that are present, forming O3 (ozone).

So, how does that help us? Well, human scent is primarily composed of organic compounds. When ozone comes into contact with these organic compounds, it oxidizes them, altering their chemical structure. This transformation neutralizes the odor by breaking it down into substances that are unrecognizable to deer, eliminating their ability to detect a hunter sitting within bow range.

Inside an Ozonics DriWash bag, ozone penetrates fabrics and surfaces, oxidizing odor molecules that are trapped within them. This process is much more thorough than traditional washing, as ozone can reach areas that liquids can’t, ensuring complete deodorization. Also, when you stick with simply washing your clothes, they pick up lots of odors from your home as you pull them out of the dryer before heading to the woods.

Is Ozone Safe For My Gear?

Once your machine is turned off, the remaining ozone quickly reverts back to regular oxygen, leaving no residues, which makes it completely safe for all your hunting gear.

Ozonics DriWash Bag Review - Specs and Details


– Works with HR230, HR300, OrionX, or HR500 Ozonics ozone generators

Odor Elimination:

– Uses ozone to deodorize and sanitize clothing and gear
– Efficient and effective odor removal for hunting apparel

Airflow System:

– Specially-designed two-compartment system
– Guides ozone from top entry point to front exit vent
– Ensures comprehensive treatment of items inside


– Oxidation-resistant construction
– Built to withstand regular use

Collapsible Design:

– Easily folds down for packing and travel
– Convenient storage when not in use


– Top loaded compartment for inserting the Ozonics ozone generator

The Ozonics DriWash Bag, with the above features and specifics, is geared toward maintaining a scent-free presence while on stand.

As a deer hunter, you know how crucial scent control is. Deer have an extraordinary ability to pick up human odor, and even the slightest whiff triggers that dreaded “blow”, signifying the end of your hunt.

That’s where the Ozonics DriWash Bag comes in, and here’s why it might just become your new favorite hunting tool.

The DriWash Bag can be used with an Ozonics HR230, HR300, OrionX, or HR500.

Why Choose The Ozonics DriWash Bag

What sets this bag apart is its specially-designed airflow system that guides the ozone through two compartments, making sure it gets to every nook and cranny of your gear. It’s built tough too, with a construction that resists oxidation, so it’ll last through years of hard hunting.

And its collapsible design makes it super easy to transport on those out-of-state hunts. You can pack it easily, take it with you on the road, or store it easily when it’s not in use.

So, if you’ve been struggling with keeping your scent under control and are looking for an easy and effective solution, the Ozonics DriWash Bag could be exactly what you need. 

hunting clothes in ozonics dri wash bag

Ozonics DriWash Bag Review - Final Thoughts

What I really like about the Ozonics DriWash bag how it gives me a huge advantage by eliminating all human scent from my hunting clothes and boots while hanging in my closet at home or from a tree limb just before suiting up to walk to my spot.

Then, I’m able to simply pull my Ozonics HR500 out of the bag and take it to the tree to make sure all my body odor and breath isn’t giving me away, especially when I have to hunt a less-than-ideal wind. 

The bag is a great size, is well-designed, and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. 

What I Like About The Ozonics DriWash Bag

Ozonics gear isn’t cheap, but if you can swing it, the benefit of having your scent completely neutralized from your clothing before heading into the woods is invaluable. If this Ozonics DriWash Bag review demonstrates anything, I hope it’s that the bag is really more than just a complementary item for your Ozonics machine. 

It’s a game changer in and of itself. If you use the bag to deodorize your clothes before heading into the woods, there’s less for the Ozonics machine to have to deodorize while you’re on stand, increasing your odds that nothing gets missed. If you’re going to spend the money on an Ozonics ozone generator, you might as well spend a little more and get the added benefit of a scent-free walk into the woods.

How To Use The Ozonics DriWash Bag

Using the Ozonics Driwash bag is super simple and takes only 10 minutes per cycle! 

Step 1:

Just hang it from any horizontal rod or tree branch using the two extremely adjustable straps.

Step 2:

Hang your clothes, saddle, or gear from the included hooks and zip up the bag.

Step 3:

Turn on your Ozonics generator, let it go through its startup sequence, then press the Mode button until you get to the Driwash mode. Then, just lay it upside down with the fan facing up in the slot on the top of the bag with the ozone blowing into the bag. That’s it! Driwash mode runs for a 10-minute cycle and cuts off. Ozonics recommends running a cycle with your clothes turned inside out and then another with your clothes turned right-side-out. 

Ozone has to touch all the surface area available to effectively eliminate human odor.

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