Montana Knife Company Magnacut Speedgoat Review

montana knife company magnacut speedgoat review

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Montana Knife Company Magnacut Speedgoat Review

The Montana Knife Company Magnacut Speedgoat is a fusion of aesthetics, function, and performance. As a serious hunter, the quality of the blade you carry in the field can mean the difference between continued excitement after a successful harvest and extreme frustration from trying to skin and quarter with what feels like a butter knife. In this in-depth Montana Knife Company Magnacut Speedgoat review, we’ll look at every aspect of this fixed blade knife, designed to meet the specific needs you’ll have while hunting, fishing, camping, or backpacking.

Ultralight Design

Weighing in at just 1.7 oz, this knife is crafted for those who are conscious about pack weight. The skeletonized tang and 550 paracord handle contribute to its lightness without sacrificing usability. And with a Magnacut stainless steel blade, the blade edge is able to be only .095″ at the spine. It can be that thin because the metal is strong enough to handle it without sacrificing durability.

mkc magnacut speedgoat skeletonized blade handle

550 Paracord Handle

The Speedgoat’s handle is wrapped in seven feet of 550 paracord, which isn’t just for show. It has a myriad of uses, from fixing a broken boot lace to hanging meat in a tree if you were to get in a bind. And it aids in reducing weight while still giving excellent grip.

Full Size Handle Length

The Magnacut Speedgoat’s full-size handle is especially beneficial with post-harvest chores. Unlike many ultralight knives, the MKC Magnacut Speedgoat offers a full-size handle length, aiding in control and keeping your hand from becoming exhausted during extended use such as when caping or skinning.

Handle and Ergonomics

The textured G10 handle of the Montana Knife Company Speedgoat fixed blade offers excellent grip and durability. Its blaze orange color adds not only an aesthetic touch but serves a practical purpose in outdoor environments where it can be easy to lose or misplace a knife while working in low-light conditions. Ergonomically designed, the handle is comfortable and balanced in hand, ensuring that this knife becomes an extension of your arm.

Sheath and Other Accessories

Each Montana Knife Company Magnacut Speedgoat comes with a Kydex sheath that can be adjusted for different carrying positions. It has a reversible quick-attach belt clip and can be carried vertically or horizontally.

kydex sheath

MKC Magnacut Speedgoat in Hunting Situations

Hunting demands a knife that can handle multiple tasks efficiently. This Montana Knife Company Magnacut Speedgoat review found that the knife excels in field dressing, skinning, quartering, and deboning. Its blend of edge retention, full-size handle, and ultralight design makes it an excellent choice for all hunters, no matter the game you’re chasing.

skinning black bear magnacut speedgoat

Montana Knife Company Magnacut Speedgoat Review: Field Dressing


Sharpness and Edge Retention

When it comes to field dressing, the MKC Magnacut Speedgoat’s Magnacut stainless steel blade ensures that it stays sharp throughout the process. Field dressing demands a blade that can handle cutting through hide, tendons, and joints without losing its edge. The wear resistance of this blade ensures that it can handle all these cutting tasks without constant resharpening.

Comfortable Handle

The full-size handle is a bonus during the time-consuming task of field dressing, quartering, and skinning/caping. Unlike some ultralight knives that may be uncomfortable for extended use, the Speedgoat’s handle provides enough grip to keep your hands comfortable throughout the process.

MKC Magnacut Speedgoat: Skinning and Deboning


Blade Design

The ultra-thin blade, measuring just 0.095” thick at the spine, is specifically designed to allow for precise cuts during skinning. The blade glides effortlessly under the skin, separating it from the muscle without tearing. The same blade thickness allows for accuracy in deboning, ensuring that you can remove bones without wasting meat.

Emergency Uses

The 7+ feet of 550 paracord that wrap the handle can come in handy during these processes. Whether you need to hang the meat in a tree or strap down a piece of gear for a long ride out of the timber on your e-bike, the paracord is a versatile addition that may just come in handy when you need it most.

Montana Knife Company Magnacut Speedgoat Review: Additional Uses


Cleaning and Filleting Fish


Blade Versatility

While primarily geared towards hunting, the MKC Magnacut Speedgoat can be used for a lot of other outdoor uses, including handling fish. The thin blade and sharp edge are perfect for cleaning fish, allowing you to make precise cuts and remove filets easily.


Filleting fish requires a blade that can slide between the meat and bones with ease. The Speedgoat’s blade thickness and sharpness make it great for this task. The edge retention ensures that it remains sharp even after filleting several fish, and the stainless steel construction means you don’t have to worry about corrosion if it comes into contact with saltwater.

Camping and Backpacking

The ultralight design, coupled with the versatile paracord handle, ensures that the MKC Magnacut Speedgoat isn’t just confined to hunting. Campers and backpackers can benefit from its light weight and multifunctional features as well.

Maintenance and Care

Caring for the Montana Knife Company Magnacut Speedgoat is straightforward, thanks to the quality of materials used. Occasional cleaning and sharpening will keep your Speedgoat in peak condition, ready for your next outdoors adventure.

MKC Magnacut Speedgoat Review – Final Thoughts

As this Montana Knife Company Magnacut Speedgoat review has highlighted, the MKC Magnacut Speedgoat is a versatile and practical tool for those who spend time outdoors. Its thoughtful design caters to the needs of hunters, anglers, campers, and backpackers alike. With its combination of high-quality materials and practical design, it’s a knife that lives up to its reputation. Whether you’re deep in the timber, in your kitchen, or by the lake, this fixed blade is ready for whatever you are.

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