Total Archery Challenge 2022 – Southeast

total archery challenge southeast

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My Friends Call Me T.A.C.

Otherwise known as T.A.C., the Total Archery Challenge has taken the archery/bowhunting world by storm with mixing the best of 3D archery with the most beautiful and thrilling landscapes across the country. Accessible to archers from all skill levels, T.A.C. is a place for both new and experienced archers to shoot side by side, building camaraderie and helping one another be the best they can be. From whitetails and sheep to alligators and armadillos, the Total Archery Challenge has it all. A full size Sasquatch has even made an appearance! Some of the top names in the archery and bowhunting world use T.A.C. as a way of challenging and refining their skills. Nock On Archery’s John Dudley has made a home at T.A.C., even having his own course at some locations. 

Benefits Of The T.A.C.

We can’t talk about the Total Archery Challenge without talking about the specific benefits for bowhunters. The benefits of shooting at 3D targets should be obvious, but T.A.C. takes it a step further and takes archers away from their neat and tidy, often climate-controlled ranges and puts them out in the elements. Archers are walking/hiking from one target to the next, up and down hilly terrain, making shots at very odd angles, often having to thread the needle between obstacles or arch their arrows over them to hit their intended targets. Many of the animals being targeted have never been hunted by the participants before, so it’s a great way for a bowhunter to gain real-world experience against prey that they may encounter in the future. From bedded bucks to sunbathing alligators, T.A.C. designs its courses to be extremely diverse, simulating real-world hunting situations. No matter the skill level, there are lessons to be learned by all attendees, so if you’re looking to better yourself, meet some great new people, and have a lot of fun in the process, make sure to sign up for T.A.C. Southeast. 

Win A Truck?!

Yep, that’s right. And not just any truck. The trucks that T.A.C. gives away are completely decked out hunting rigs, ready to hit the road. The way it works is pretty simple. At each event, there is a target set up at 111 yards. To qualify for entry in the giveaway, you pay to shoot and your arrow must land inside the center ring. Breaking the line doesn’t count. You have to be cleanly inside the ring. You can shoot as many times as you like and each arrow that hits the mark gains you another entry. Once the T.A.C. tour is over, the drawing is held and the truck is given away. Chris Bee filmed a video at a T.A.C. where he shot many times to win the truck. Ultimately, his friend ended up winning, and they used the truck in subsequent videos filming hunts. You could do the same. You could literally be Chris Bee. Well, no couldn’t. But you could feel like him. Anyways, make sure to get out there and give it a go. You won’t regret going, but you’ll probably regret staying home.

Details For T.A.C. Southeast

T.A.C. Southeast will be held at the Circle E. Guest Ranch in Belvidere, TN from May 13-May 15, 2022. Registration is made easy at the Total Archery Challenge website. You’ll have the option to sign up as an adult, youth, or non-shooter for 1, 2, or 3 days, adding a shirt if you so choose. I’d recommend the shirt, as it’ll surely be a day to remember. If you’re looking to test yourself in the most realistic way, meet some awesome new people, and possibly win a decked out hunt-mobile, then sign up today and don’t miss out!


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