13 Best Bow Cases | Hard, Soft, Double (2023)

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There’s no doubt about it. Even on the cheaper end, bows are expensive. The best bow cases ensure that those hard-earned dollars you spent on your bow are well-protected.

Whether you’re looking for a hard case, a soft case, or a case that holds two bows, you’ll find the best below.

Best Bow Cases - Top Picks

(Full List Below)

Best Single Case

Best Soft Case

Best Double Case

  • Waterproof, dust-proof
  • Trigger release latch system
  • Padlock holes
  • In-line skate style wheels
  • Water-jet cut arrow foam
  • Custom inserts for bow and quiver

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  • Waterproof, PVC material
  • Fully-submersible
  • Floats in water
  • 100% waterproof zipper
  • 7/8″ removable foam padding

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  • Fits 2 bows
  • Water-tight enclosure
  • Injection-molded
  • Rigid foam bunk bed system
  • In-line skate wheels
  • Reinforced padlock holes
  • Lifetime Warranty

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Best Hard Compound Bow Cases

  • Water-proof, dust-proof
  • Trigger release latch system
  • Padlock holes
  • In-line skate style wheels
  • Water-jet cut arrow foam
  • Custom inserts for bow and quiver

If you’re scoping out the all-around best bow cases, this iSeries injection molded, waterproof SKB Bowtech hard case needs to be considered.

It’s constructed of high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin and features a gasketed, waterproof and dustproof shell.

It’s built to military standards with a trigger release latch system and four reinforced padlock holes for traveling with the masses.

It includes stainless steel protector clips, cushioned snap-down handles on three sides, and in-line skate style wheels for easy pulling.

Inside, you’ll find custom foam inserts for the bow and quiver. It also comes with accessory box compartments that hold up to four boxes (boxes sold separately).

The foam arrow-holding system and holds up to 12 arrows.

Now you can see why we ranked this No. 1 for Best Hard Compound Bow Cases.

  • 44″ bow case
  • Water-proof, dust-proof
  • TSA-approved firearm case
  • Built-in pressure equalizer valve
  • Built-in wheels
  • Double-density customizable foam
  • Over-molded handle

The Plano Element is the best bow case for safe keeping during travel. Not does its Dri-Loc seal keep it waterproof and dust-proof, but it was built with travel in mind.

It has a built-in pressure equalizer, which maintains pressure with altitude and temperature changes. And it’s a TSA-approved firearm case, so you won’t have any problems at the airport.

Of course, it features padlock holes for security. It also comes with built-in wheels, which makes transport super easy. And its double-density customizable foam ensures your bow will be good and safe and your sight won’t get jarred out of alignment during transport, especially if you ever have to fly with it.

One of the best bow cases for travel, hands down.

  • Fits wider bows with quiver attached
  • Rigid ABS plastic shell
  • 8-point stacking system
  • Lockable draw bolt latches
  • Dirt, dust, moisture-preventing lid
  • Holds up to 12 arrows

The Hunter XL is one of the best compound bow cases for wider bows. It’s large enough to hold a bow with the quiver still attached, and the ABS plastic shell adds the kind of protection you want for more expensive bows.

It includes lockable draw bolt latches for secure storage, and the valance bending system keeps dirt, dust, and moisture from getting to the interior. 

The plush lined EPS inserts add a great deal of impact resistance, and the polyethylene foam arrow system is water-jet cut, which securely holds up to 12 arrows.

It’s another great bow case that offers maximum protection without costing the price of another bow.

  • Holds a compound bow and up to 12 arrows
  • Durable hard case
  • Soft foam insert with straps to hold down bow
  • Made in the USA

I’ve been using my Flambeau hard, taking it to and from the woods for 2 years and it’s proven to be a tough case that can take some abuse and protect my bow in the process.

The foam insert is nice and cushy, and it has nice molded arrow holders that hold up to 12 arrows. The case is nice and tough, and features a built-in 3 and 4 blade broadhead remover.

It comes with velcro hold-down straps that be secured in different locations to fit a variety of compound bows.

All-in-all, it’s a great buy and one of the best bow cases for the money.

  • Thick-wall construction
  • PillarLock system
  • Padlock tabs
  • Sur-Loc arrow storage
  • High-density foam

This Plano single bow case is another great option for those on a budget. It does exactly what you need it to – protect your bow.

You don’t get a lot of additional space, and the foam isn’t custom-cut, but it’s high-density foam that gives your bow a cushy and secure place to strap in during travel.

Arrows also have a snug place to ride in the Sur-Loc arrow storage system. The cases’s thick-wall construction, coupled with the high-density foam, make this a great buy.

Best Soft Bow Cases

  • Waterproof, PVC material
  • Fully-submersible
  • Floats in water
  • 100% waterproof zipper
  • 7/8″ removable foam padding

The Rugid Xtreme Compound Bow Case is one of the baddest bow cases made by any manufacturer.

Water? Who cares? This bow case is so waterproof that it’s fully submersible. Even the zipper is 100% waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about water or snow ever making its way to your bow.

The removable, 7/8″ foam padding offers protection, as well as flotation. It includes a heavy-duty nylon carrying strap with a neoprene handle.

It also has rear tie-down straps, a large arrow pocket, and a smaller gear pocket. Of the best bow cases on the market, the Rugid Xtreme offers the greatest protection from the elements, hands down.

See the video below for more details.

  • Designed for travel
  • Padded storage compartment
  • Five accessory pockets
  • XL Heavy Duty wheels
  • Weight: 13lbs.
  • Built-in rail guards

The SKB Bow Traveler Case is the best soft bow case for travel, hence the name. Not only does it have 5 accessory compartments and a padded storage compartment, but it also has room for clothing and other essential items.

It comes with XL heavy duty wheels for easy transporting and weighs only 13lbs. It also includes built-in rail guards and an ID pocket, both of which come in handy during airline travel.

If you’re looking for a bow case that travels well, this SKB needs consideration.

  • Fits up to 41″ bow
  • Extra-wide 5-inch side 
  • Water-resistant
  • Extra-thick internal corner pads
  • Protects cams and limbs
  • Case-cube compatible fleece liner fabric
  • 8 accessory and gear pockets

The Easton Workhorse is one of the best bow cases for those looking for protection without breaking the bank.

It’s made of high-quality materials and has a number of features that make it a great choice for archers and bowhunters who need a durable and secure way to transport their bows.

It holds most compound bows up to 41″ and its 5″-wide sides allow for quivers to stay mounted on the bow during transport.

The extra-thick corner pads protect cams, wheels, and limbs as well. The eight different pockets give you plenty of room to pack all your miscelaneous gear items, such as arrows, releases, string wax tools, etc.

If you’re looking for a high-quality bow case that won’t break the bank, the Easton Workhorse is a great option.

  • Variety of colors available
  • 44″ interior
  • 37″ arrow tube holder
  • Oversized zippers
  • Reinforced metal buckles 
  • Underside plastic feet
  • Interior tricot lining 

This soft bow case from Legend is a great option for simply storing your gear at home or camp, as well as traveling to and from the range or the woods.

Of course, it includes a carry handle as well as a shoulder strap. It also includes hard plastic feet on the underside. With a spacious 44″ interior, there’s plenty of room for the essentials, and the 37″ arrow tube holder is available for toting your arrows.

This lightweight bow case features a tricot interior lining, which will keep your bow from getting scratching. The oversized zippers and reinforced metal buckles are just a couple more small details that add even more value to lower-priced case.

All-in-all, it’s another great option.

  • Multiple colors available
  • 4 compartments
  • Fits up to 41″ bow
  • Accommodates bow-mounted quiver
  • Budget-friendly

The Easton Bow-Go is one of the best bow cases for those on a budget. It does what you need it to as long as you don’t plan on leaving it out in the elements or being too rough on it.

It can accommodate a 41″ bow and being 5″ wide, it can accommodate bow-mounted quivers, which a huge plus. That way, you don’t have to detach and store your quiver every time you travel or store your bow.

It has 4 internal and external pockets and a designate arrow box compartment. Like I said, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it offers what you need – a quality case that’s going to protect your gear from dings and scratches.

Best Double Bow Cases

  • Fits 2 bows
  • Water-tight enclosure
  • Injection-molded
  • Rigid foam bunk bed system
  • In-line skate wheels
  • Reinforced padlock holes
  • Lifetime Warranty

This SKB is another great double bow case, especially for those who plan on traveling with their bows on an airline, but it’s also just a great case for traveling around to and from the range or woods.

The injection-molded shell provides a water-tight seal, and the rigid foam bunk bed system allows you to easily transport two compound bows or 2 firearms.

The in-line skate wheels make transport super easy and the reinforced padlocks are a great security feature, especially during airline travel. 

If you’ve got two weapons to transport, there’s no need to have multiple bow cases. This SKB is a great option at a great price.

  • Twin skate wheels
  • “Outside-in” pockets 
  • Ballistic nylon shell
  • Fits up to two 40″ bows
  • Seatbelt-style bow straps
  • Six interior and exterior pockets

The Easton BowTruk Travel Bow Case is one of the most durable and reliable bow cases for bowhunters and archers on the go. It’s not cheap, but it’s not made for cheap gear either.

Its exterior is made of tough, including Cordura 1680D Type 6,6 ballistic nylon, which is the same material used for military body armor

It has a reinforced base and corners for added protection. Inside, soft microfleece lining guards your bow from scratches and damage, with an adjustable strap to keep it from sliding around during transport.

It includes twin oversized sealed-bearing skate wheels, easy “Outside-In” pockets, a trailer-hitch strap, and six interior & exterior accessory pockets.

This case can accommodate two bows up to 40” and is compatible with Easton arrow totes & boxes. All those features are just scratching the surface. Check the price to learn more.

  • Available in black or grey
  • 8 compartments
  • Includes shoulder carry strap
  • Moveable hook-and-loop bow containment
  • Compatible with Easton totes and arrow boxes

The Easton Elite 2.0 Double Bow Case is one of the best bow cases for those transporting multiple bows. 

It can accommodate two bows up to 47″ in total length, but is perfectly suited to store a single bow as well.

It has a moveable hook-and-loop system so you can adjust the straps accordingly for your individual bows. It has plenty of space for all your gear with 8 separate compartments, including gear-specific storage for your stabilizers, quivers, and arrows.

It’s made with durable materials to protect your gear during travel. With a comfortable handle and included shoulder strap, it’s easy to carry on the go. 

Compound Bow Cases - Hard vs. Soft

When comparing compound bow cases, it really comes down to personal preference. You can find both soft and hard cases that offer the same level of protection, are completely water- and dust-proof, and are lockable and TSA-approved.

So, which is better? Well, my personal preference is a hard compound bow case. I like knowing there’s no give in the shell of the case.

I like closing the latches and hearing them snap shut. I like knowing that if something slides into it while in the bed of my truck, the hard case is going to take the impact and my bow will be none-the-wiser.

Will a quality soft bow case accomplish the same thing? I am absolutely sure it will. But again, it’s my preference. There’s a ton of soft cases on the market. 

Why? Because a lot of hunters and archers prefer the soft case. You just need to determine your preference. And remember, quality is what’s important. Your bow will be just as safe in a soft or hard case as long as the case is high-quality. 

Double Bow Case - More For Your Money

If you often travel with two bows in tow – whether both yours or yours and a family member’s or friend’s, a double bow case is the way to go.

Double bow cases typically aren’t that much more expensive than their single-bow counterparts, and they save a ton of space when traveling.

Waterproof Bow Case - Do You Need One?

If you find yourself traveling to the backcountry to hunt often, especially traveling by kayak or boat, then a waterproof or submersible bow case is a great idea. 

The last thing you want to do is soak your gear and case in a creek, river, or storm that you can’t get out of. So, if you’re living a more adventurous hunting life than most, opt for a waterproof case, soft or hard.

Correct Sizing of a Bow Case

When buying a bow case, make sure you’re using the correct measurements. Your bow’s axle-to-axle length is not your bow’s overall length.

So, when a bow case manufacturer says a case holds a 41″ bow, that means it holds a bow that measures 41″ from the top of one cam the top of the other – not just from axle-to-axle.

So, keep that in mind when determining how large of a case you need.

Keep Future Bows in Mind

If you’re shooting a smaller axle-to-axle bow now, but think there’s a chance you’ll shoot a larger bow at some point in the future – even if it’s a remote chance – upsize your case now.

The worst thing would be to spend a lot of dough on a case now that won’t fit your new bow in 2 years. So, keep future bow purchases in mind.

After all, if you’re a serious bowhunter or archer, the bow you’re shooting now likely won’t be your last.

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