Ozonics HR 500 Review

ozonics hr 500 review

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Ozonics HR 500 Review

The Ozonics HR 500 isn’t just some gimmicky device being peddled by some in the hunting industry.  Ozonics’ claims are completely backed up by science.Ozonics has simply taken the laws of physics and used them to create a device that completely neutralizes human odor, evening the odds against the whitetails we chase – meet the Ozonics HR 500.
Ozonics HR500 Specs
How Does Ozone Generation Work?

Ozonics HR 500 Ozone Generator

ozonics hr 500 with box

Imagine sitting perched from your tree stand or saddle as first light pierces through the canopy. The squirrels begin moving about as the bob whites start sounding off.

It’s a beautiful start to the morning, but there’s something you’re keenly aware of – the deer you’ve been after have an unrivaled ability to detect the faintest human odor that you bring in through your your clothes, your gear, and your body.

That’s where the Ozonics HR 500 ozone generator changes the game.

The HR 500 isn’t just a device for masking human scent. It chemically changes the odor you and your gear produce to make it as if you’re not even in the woods.

Ozonics HR 500 Specs and Details

1. Bluetooth-Enabled Remote Operation: The Ozonics HR 500 can be controlled without any physical interaction, which is huge as a bowhunter who often hunts close to bedding where I can’t be reaching my arms up the air to turn on and make changes to the operation of my ozone generator.

2. Significantly Quieter Operation That Other Models: The redesigned rubber, over-mold has made the HR500 40% quieter in BOOST mode compared to the OrionX. 

3. Four Modes of Operation with HYPERBOOST: Versatility is key in the unpredictable environment of deer hunting, and the HR500’s four operational modes, including the new HYPERBOOST mode, providing controllable scent neutralization. HYPERBOOST mode amplifies the ozone creation, outputting 25% more ozone than the HR300. These modes cater to varying hunting scenarios and wind speeds, giving you the flexibility to adapt when necessary.

4. Extended Life Battery: The inclusion of an extended life battery (valued at $150) ensures that the HR500 will last through long sits, which comes in handy during the pre-Rut and Rut when daytime movement peaks.

5. Smart Arm Mounting System: The included Smart Arm mounting system (valued at $80) offers adaptable mounting options. Whether you’re in a blind, a tree stand/saddle, or on the move, this system facilitates easy positioning of the HR500, ensuring optimal scent control based on your location and the prevailing wind conditions.

6. Comprehensive Scent Control: By employing Pulse Technology and Hyperboost advanced ozone output, the HR500 doesn’t just mask human scent but actively destroys it. This total scent neutralization is a game-changer, providing you with an advantage in the field unlike nothing else on the market.

The Ozonics HR 500 is more than a mere update; it’s a significant advancement in the technology. With its enhanced quiet operation, Bluetooth control, versatile modes, and long battery life, it’s a comprehensive solution for the modern-day deer hunter. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or an ambitious novice, the HR500 offers a level of control and convenience that can redefine your hunting experience and add a level of success you haven’t seen before.

~ Bundle and Save a Ton Of Money ~

hr500 pro pack

HR500 Pro Pack

The Ozonics HR500 Eliminates Scent Masking

Gone are the days of painstaking scent masking with sprays, body washes, and detergents.

I’ve been there. Getting in the shower at 3:30AM, keeping my clothes locked away in a bin with baking soda, spending valuable minutes spraying everything down before getting dressed outside the truck before walking to my stand. It takes a whole lot of fun out of the hunt.

Our reasoning is sound – deer live and die by their noses. But we don’t have to go that route anymore. 

Harnessing the power of ozone, the Ozonics HR 500 goes beyond mere masking, annihilating human odors on a molecular level. With it, you become a ghost in the woods, freeing you to focus on the hunt.

But how does it work exactly?

how does an ozone generator work

How Does An Ozone Generator Work?

Ozone generators, like the Ozonics HR 500, leverage a scientific principle to effectively eliminate human scent, which is why it’s being so widely used in deer hunting applications.

Here’s an in-depth look at how this technology works, both in a tree stand and for sanitizing gear and clothing.

Ozone Generators in a Tree Stand

1. Ozone Generation: Ozone generators utilize electricity to convert oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3). This is achieved by passing air through an electrically charged field, breaking the O2 molecules into individual oxygen atoms. These atoms then attach to other O2 molecules, forming O3 or ozone.

2. Scent Neutralization: Here’s the kicker – human scent is primarily composed of organic compounds. When ozone comes into contact with these compounds, it oxidizes them, altering their chemical structure. This transformation neutralizes the scent by breaking it down into substances that are unrecognizable to deer.

3. Strategic Placement: When using an ozone generator from a tree stand, it’s essential to place the device in a location where the generated ozone can intersect with the descending human scent. Since ozone is heavier than air, it falls along with your scent, continually reacting with and neutralizing it as it descends to the ground. This creates a “curtain” of scent protection, allowing you to remain undetected. The Ozonics HR 500 user manual directs you to place the machine above you while on stand, pointing in the direction the wind is blowing. Make sure to adhere to all Ozonics use and safety guidelines when using one of their ozone generators.

Ozone Generators for Gear and Clothing

1. Enclosed Treatment: By placing gear and clothing inside an Ozonics DriWash bag in conjunction with the HR 500, you create a contained environment where ozone can permeate every nook and cranny of your gear and clothing. This completely neutralizes all human odor and eliminates the need for using field sprays.

2. Deep Penetration: Inside the bag, ozone molecules penetrate fabrics and surfaces, oxidizing scent molecules trapped within. This process is more thorough than traditional washing, as ozone can reach areas that liquids can’t, ensuring complete deodorization.

3. After Treatment: Once the treatment is complete, the ozone quickly reverts back to regular oxygen, leaving no residues. This makes it safe for clothing and equipment.

What I Like About The Ozonics HR 500

ozonics hr 500 review bluetooth capability

There’s a lot to like about the Ozonics HR 500, but there are a few features that really stick out.

Bluetooth Compatibility

I love how you can control it via bluetooth because having to stand up and reach over your head to turn it on/off or change modes can ruin a hunt. Being able to make changes from your phone means you can do it much more discreetly.

Smart Arm Mounting

The Smart Arm Mounting system allows you to position the HR500 exactly how you need it. Previous models came with a different mounting arm that made it difficult to adjust and was made a little cheaper. I actually had the mounting arm of a previous model break shortly after getting it. The updated mounting arm is a lot beefier and should last for years.

Adaptable For Use In Ground Blinds

I always set up a ground blind to use when I take my son hunting, so I love that I can mount it just as easily in a ground blind as I can 20 feet up a tree. Ozonics makes it easy to take it wherever you’re hunting.

DriWash Bag

Another huge feature I love about this machine is its ability to be used in conjunction with an Ozonics DriWash Bag for neutralizing odors while at home or on the way to the woods. Then, you can just step out the truck and take it with you to your stand/saddle location. It’s that simple and it adds an additional level of scent elimination.

No More Field Sprays

Having to completely spray down yourself and all your gear before walking into the woods is an extremely time-intensive task, and it just means you have to leave the house much earlier to allow for it. The Ozonics HR 500 ozone generator eliminates the need for that, especially when used with their DriWash bag. 

ozone generator ozonics hr 500 review

Ozonics HR 500 Review - Final Thoughts

An Ozonics HR 500 ozone generator’s ability to neutralize human scent is grounded in the science of oxidation. Its effective application, both in the field and at home, requires an understanding of its properties and behavior.

By strategically employing ozone technology like the Ozonics HR 500 before and during a hunt, you can gain a critical edge, rendering your scent a non-factor and allowing you to focus on the core aspects of the hunt.

Whether high in a tree or preparing gear before getting on the road, the Ozonics HR 500 offers a modern solution to an age-old challenge in deer hunting.

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