Latitude Carbon SS Climbing Sticks Review

latitude carbon ss climbing sticks review

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This Latitude Carbon SS Climbing Sticks review is packed with all the info you need to determine if they’re worth the investment. These sticks are one of the lightest sticks ever made, but do the benefits outweigh the cost? Let’s find out.

Latitude Carbon SS Climbing Sticks Review

When talking about any mobile hunting gear, size and weight are two major factors to consider. The most popular sticks in the industry range from 1-3 pounds per stick. The infamous Tethrd Skeletors are 2 lbs. per sticks, while Tethrd’s One Sticks are only 1 lb. per stick.

Hawk Helium’s 30″ sticks are 2.9 lbs. per stick. So, depending on the manufacturer, as well as the height of the stick, the weight can vary pretty significantly. But how does the Carbon SS measure up?

Lightweight Climbing Sticks - Carbon Design

Because of their carbon fiber construction, the Carbon SS climbing sticks are able to weigh in at only 19 oz. per stick, while maintaining a stick length of 18″. 

And even though there’s no metal in the design of these sticks, they still have a weight rating of 275 lbs., which is plenty for most mobile hunters.

And because of its single-piece design, the steps are able to sit at the very top and very bottom of each stick, giving you a 17″ gap between each step.

Metal Free Construction

The absolute worst sound in the woods, aside from the dreaded blow of a whitetail, is the sound of clanging metal. It’s an all-too-common sound for mobile hunters during deer season. 

We try as hard as we can to be as quiet as possible, but at some point, we’re going to slip up and hit one of our sticks into the other, or into our stand.

And because we’re oftentimes hunting back in the timber closer to bedding than traditional field-edge hunting, clanging metal can mean going home empty-handed.

That’s why I love the metal-free design of the Latitude Carbon SS climbing sticks. When they clank together, instead of emitting that high-frequency metal sound, they just sound like two pieces of wood or antlers hitting into each other, which is much better.

Single-Piece Design (No Moving Parts)

One of the greatest features of the Latitude Carbon SS climbing stick is its single-piece design. That means there are no moving parts to rattle around while walking in, getting setup, or packing up to leave.

It also means there is no chance of bolts loosening on the teeth or steps. The bolts on my Lone Wolf climbing sticks have become loose with time, allowing them to swing back and forth making noise.

And being a double-step design – meaning there’s a place for both feet to stand on each step – it also makes for quicker setup times than having a single-step design that you have to swivel to the left or right depending on how the step below it was swiveled.

A small detail, but it’s one less thing to think about when trying to get setup in a hurry. And the aggressive tread that’s built into the step surfaces keeps your boots securely planted without slipping on rainy days afield. 

Increased Packability

Stackable climbing sticks has become an industry standard, but Latitude didn’t stick with the status quo with these sticks. From the picture below, you can see just how well the Carbon SS sticks stack together, aiding in your ability to stay lean.

latitude carbon ss climbing sticks review stackable

Climb Higher With Aider Attachment Points

Whether you’ve never used aiders before or you’re used to using them in conjunction with your climbing sticks, the Carbon SS sticks make using them extremely easy with their integral aider attachment points built into the bottom steps of each stick.

Quick, Quiet, and Easy Attachment

Most climbing sticks utilize a cam buckle, amsteel daisy chain, or  versa strap for attaching to a tree. Cam buckles and versa straps can be noisy by design, utilizing metal buckles, which can easily bang against the sticks when securing them to the tree.

Keeping with the metal-free design of the Carbon SS climbing sticks, Latitude created an all new attachment method, which uses rope to quickly, quietly, and very easily attach each stick to the tree faster than most other attachment designs.

This same attachment design makes pack-outs quicker and easier by being able to wind the attachment ropes up easily on each stick while stacking to pack out.

latitude carbon speed series climbing sticks ultralight front view

Quality Guaranteed Through A 5-Year Warranty

Latitude is well-known for the high standards and quality that goes into making their hunting gear. Those standards and quality are carried over into their climbing sticks and guaranteed with a 5-year warranty.

A warranty like that shows you they’re confident that these sticks will hold up to the abuse that comes with dedicated mobile hunting.

Latitude Carbon SS Climbing Sticks Review - Pros and Cons


  • Ultralight
  • Quick attachment
  • Easily add aiders
  • Metal free design
  • No moving parts
  • Non-slip steps


  • Don’t see any cons, aside from the fact that they’re not free!

Latitude Carbon Speed Series Climbing Sticks Video Review

For a better visual on the Carbon Speed Series sticks, take a look at the video review by Revive Outdoors below.

What I Like Best

What I like best about the Latitude Carbon SS climbing sticks is that when you put all of its best features together – the single-piece design with no moving parts, the metal-free construction, the portability, and the quick and easy method of attachment – what you’ve got is the ultimate climbing sticks for mobile hunting. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting from a saddle or a hang-on stand, these sticks are going to be the most efficient way to get up to hunting height. These ultralight climbing sticks offer the quietest, quickest, and one of the lightest ways to get up a tree.

I believe that Latitude has set a new standard in the mobile hunting industry. They started by making some of the most lightweight and comfortable saddles, and now they’ve done the same with climbing sticks.


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