QAD Exodus Broadhead Review

qad exodus broadhead review

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This QAD Exodus broadhead review wasn’t written simply off of technical data or information gleaned from internet forums.

It was written as a direct result of my 2022 black bear hunt, as well as a 2022 deer hunt.

QAD Exodus - 85, 100, 125 Grains

Before my bear hunt, I was looking for a fixed blade broadhead with a medium- to small-size cutting diameter because I wanted to increase my odds for a full pass through.

During my previous year’s bear hunt, I had used a mechanical broadhead, and though my shot placement wasn’t ideal, I still wasn’t happy with the results.

I have nothing against mechanicals. I simply wanted to maximize my odds for a full pass-through by using a solid, fixed blade broadhead with a cutting diameter smaller than most mechanicals.

Upon recommendation by a couple of archers, I purchased a pack of 100-grain QAD Exodus broadheads.

Flight Testing The QAD Exodus

After getting my new 100-grain QAD Exodus broadheads home, I had one day to see how’d they perform out of my bow before putting them to the test the next day on my black bear hunt.

I knew I wouldn’t be shooting out to any great distance, so I set my block target out at 20 yards. 

I first shot a field point to give me a good reference point for follow-up shots with the broadheads.

My first arrow landed just off from dead center. Next, I nocked the same arrow with a QAD Exodus. 

Upon release, I could see it was just a tad low. So, I commenced to repeating the same process. I received the same results with multiple shots.

Although the QAD Exodus seemed to fly a little lower than my field points, the difference was so little that I didn’t alter my sight the slightest.

The small difference in flight path could have easily been mitigated by broadhead tuning, but I was happy enough with the results to carry them into the woods.

QAD Exodus Put To The Test

qad exodus review

When the moment of truth finally came during my hunt, the QAD Exodus solidified itself as Southeastern Bowhunting’s official fixed blade broadhead of choice.

It ripped through the bear behind the front shoulder, passing all the way through the opposite leg on the other side.

It delivered exactly what I was looking for – a full pass-through. It was as if the bear wasn’t even there.

The hardened SST tip busted right through everything in its way, causing an undeniable pop on impact.

No blood trailing necessary. He ran about 50 yards down the hill and piled up.

About 6 weeks later, I had another opportunity to let one fly at a doe while deer hunting. Same result.

A full pass through and into the dirt like she wasn’t even standing there.

Razor Sharp Blades

What I love about these broadheads is that they come right out of the box razor-sharp, which can’t be said for all broadheads.

Their low-profile design, coupled with their 1.25″ cutting diameter, causes them to fly straight, with less friction during flight and penetration.

The blades are .040″ thick and .77″ long (not including the ferrule). Replacement blades are available, so you can reuse the ferrules time and time again.

As robust as they’re built, there’s really no telling how many harvests can be made before having to swap them out for entirely new broadheads.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Although many manufacturers claim that their broadheads fly straight, penetrate deep, and create gaping wounds, QAD backs up those claims with the Exodus.

If you’re looking for a solid, razor-sharp fixed blade broadhead that delivers results, look no further than the QAD Exodus.

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